Week 2 photo album

Courtesy of team photographersClick on any photo to open gallery:Courtesy of Getty Images Â View image | gettyimages.comGene Steratore talks it over with Russel Wilson View image | gettyimages.comHead linesman Ed Walker is not being swayed by Pete Carroll View image | gettyimages.comBill Vinovich measures a close one View image | gettyimages.comField judge Dave Meslow

Teams must give officials room on sideline

One of the Week 2 highlights was a 102-yard kickoff return by C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills.  What was hardly noticed on the play was a dangerous situation in which side judge Rick Patterson collided with a member of the Bills staff and took a hard fall (bottom of

Week 2 referee assignments

Ed Hochuli (shown here last week talking to Rams coach Jeff Fisher) has the Thursday night debut for the Tiffany Network. Bill Leavy and his crew is off this week. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thursday, Sept. 11 Steelers at Ravens CBSNFLN —  Ed Hochuli Sunday, Sept. 14 Dolphins at Bills — Clete Blakeman Jaguars at

Titans’ Jones fined $5,000 for DQ

For his involvement in a sideline fight during the game with the Texans, Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones received a $5,000 fine. (He was also ejected from the game.) This is surprisingly light, as the disqualified Jones was shown pumping up the crowd for support on his way to the

Week 2 “Official Review” with the usual suspects (and answers you read here first)

Without getting into tremendous detail, the Week 2 edition of "Official Review" (two-part video that aired on NFL Net and NFL.com) covered the same topics we covered this week. The assessments we gave on the calls were entirely backed up by the league's vice president of officiating, Mike Pereira. The

League backs questionable TD calls

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the league office is backing up two borderline touchdown calls from the weekend: Dante Rosario's catch for the Panthers and Jacoby Jones's reception for the Titans. According to league spokesman, Greg Aiello: On Rosario, he completed the catch, turned up field and stretched the ball over

Catch and stretch stretches catch call

Week 2: Panthers at Falcons I was convinced that the allusions to the Raiders touchdown reversal in the Week 1 Monday Night Football game were over. The fine folks over at Pro Football Talk have pointed us to another instance of a catch that is a borderline call. This one is

Bizarre quirk in fair-catch interference rule hits Titans; Jones ejected for punch

Week 2: Texans at Titans Back to Nashville we go for a fluke of a play that resulted in an extraordinary penalty. By the rules, it is a correct call. At the end of the third quarter, the Texans' Jacoby Jones (who just had narrowly escaped a potential replay reversal on his

Why Texans TD catch was upheld

Week 2: Texans at Titans I knew once I saw the video of Jacoby Jones's touchdown catch for the Texans that this would need explaining. It did not take long before and comment came in linking it to the Raiders' overturned touchdown last week. (By the way, I vow that this

Giants interception correctly goes to the spot of recovery, not spot of whistle

Week 2: Giants at Cowboys The amazing interception by the Giants' Kenny Phillips off of the foot of Cowboys' Jason Witten (video) could be the first use of what might be referred to as the "Ed Hochuli rule." You may remember last year's botched call in the Chargers–Broncos game where an incomplete