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2023 XFL season

XFL Week 10 officiating assignments

Week 10 is the final week of the 2023 XFL season with doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday.



Week 10 is the final week of the 2023 XFL season with doubleheaders on Sautrday and Sunday. Playoff games next week will be assigned to entire crews, and not by mixed crews like the NFL does.

The referee assignments are listed below and their crews are shown in the tables with the replay official and ball spotter. XFL officials do not have uniform numbers.

All times are Eastern.

Game assignments

Saturday, April 22

  • Orlando Guardians at St. Louis Battlehawks, noon ESPN ESPN+ — Michael Vandervelde
  • D.C. Defenders at San Antonio Brahmas, 3 p.m. ABC ESPN+ — Reggie Smith

Sunday, April 23

  • Houston Roughnecks at Arlington Renegades, noon ESPN ESPN+ — Jason Autrey
  • Vegas Vipers at Seattle Sea Dragons, 7 p.m. ESPN2 ESPN+ — Jeff Heaser


Replay officials and ball spotters are listed with the crews.

Officials hired by the NFL are marked with a and their pro experience is increased by 1.

    Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R Michael Vandervelde 1 Big 12  
U Krystle Apellaniz 2 Mountain West  
DJ Rod Ammari 3 Pac-12  
LJ Darren Deckard 1 Big 12  
FJ Conor Clougherty 1 ACC  
SJ Raymond Tate 1 SEC  
BJ David Ross 3 Pac-12  
RO Eric Oliver     St. Louis
X Austin Hill     St. Louis

    Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R Reggie Smith 3 Big Ten  
U Dan Scanlan 1 Big 12  
DJ Marcus Allen 1 Big Ten  
LJ Jay Bilbo 2 ★ Big 12  
FJ LaShell Nelson 4 Big Ten  
SJ Ryan Flynn 1 ACC  
BJ Brett Toney 1 SEC  
RO Brian Jones     San Antonio
X Austin Wright     San Antonio

    Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R Jason Autrey 1 SEC  
U William Thomas 2 ACC  
DJ Andy Warner 2 Big 12  
LJ Cat Conti 2 Big 12  
FJ Eric Hartman 3 American Athletic  
SJ Sean Petty 2 ★ SEC  
BJ Justin Staehr 1 Big Ten  
RO Chad Wakefield     Arlington
X Crystal Cooksey     Arlington

    Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R Jeff Heaser 3 ACC  
U Amanda Sauer 5 Big Ten  
DJ Cravonne Barrett 4 Pac-12  
LJ Steven Matarante 2 ACC  
FJ Kendall Smith 1 MAC  
SJ Gabriel DeLeon 1 Big 12  
BJ Peter Buchanan 1 ACC  
RO Marvel July     coordinator of officials
X Charles Giles     Seattle

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