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NFC Divisional Playoff liveblog: Rams at Buccaneers

We are covering the NFC Divisional Playoff game from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa between the Rams and Buccaneers.

Live updates loading …

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3 thoughts on “NFC Divisional Playoff liveblog: Rams at Buccaneers

  1. I like Shawn Hochuli. Think he is a top 5 white hat. I give him a pass on the nepotism because he is a good official. Not true for most kin, no need to mention the offenders.

    That being said … that unsportsmanlike call on Brady was total horse s$&t. First is probably was helmet to helmet and you missed the call. Hate the rule but it’s the rule. Second, suck it up buttercup and put the laundry back in your belt.

  2. Q4 0:35: is there an illegal shift as LA 89 did not reset before LA RB moved to the line?

  3. Q4 0:35 2D &11. Is there an illegal shift at LA89 did not reset prior to LA RB moving to the line?

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