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Super Bowl LIV liveblog: 49ers vs. Chiefs

Follow us here through the game for our live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of today’s Super Bowl from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  

Bill Vinovich is the referee for Super Bowl LIV. His all-star crew includes:


         Yrs 2019 crew College Occupation Prev. Playoff Prev. SB
R 52 Bill Vinovich 14    San Diego certified public accountant 3 WC, 5 DIV, 4 CC XLIX
U 20 Barry Anderson 13 Allen North Carolina State builder/developer 3 WC, 5 DIV  
DJ 79 Kent Payne 16 Rogers Nebraska Wesleyan teacher 3 WC, 5 DIV, 8 CC XLV, LI
LJ 101 Carl Johnson 16 Hussey Nicholls State former full-time official 3 WC, 7 DIV, 2 CC XLII
FJ 72 Michael Banks 18 Cheffers Illinois State carpenter foreman 4 WC, 5 DIV XLIII
SJ 41 Boris Cheek 24 Corrente Morgan State director of operations and management 6 WC, 5 DIV, 2 CC XLII, 50
BJ 12 Greg Steed 17 Rogers Howard computer systems analyst 4 WC, 2 DIV, 2 CC XLIV
ALT R John Hussey 18    Idaho State sales representative, retail logistics group 5 WC, 4 DIV, 3 CC XLV
ALT U Bryan Neale 6 Smith Indiana sales consultant 3 WC, 1 DIV, 2 CC  
ALT LoS Tom Stephan 21 Anderson Pittsburg State president and CEO 5 WC, 1 DIV, 1 CC  
ALT Deep Jimmy Buchanan 11 Blakeman South Carolina State insurance agent 3 WC  
ALT BJ Greg Wilson 12 Martin USC law enforcement 5 WC, 2 DIV, 1 CC  
  • Replay official:  Mike Chase
  • Replay assistant:  Marv LeBlanc

Graphic: Chad Young for Football Zebras, Patrick McDermott/Getty Images, South Florida Stadium LLC

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6 thoughts on “Super Bowl LIV liveblog: 49ers vs. Chiefs

  1. Looked like a missed helmet to helmet hit on Garoppolo on the imcomplete third down throw on the San Francisco drive prior to the go ahead KC Touchdown.

  2. The call on George Kittle for OPI was in the words of Marv Levy – over-officious!

  3. The missed delay of game penalty happened because the referees are set up for failure in that regard. They can’t watch the players AND the clock at the same time, so delay of games are inconsistently called: sometimes they’re called 1 second after, sometimes 2… sometimes they’re called with one second ON the clock. The NFL just needs to set up some kind of vibrator they wear when it runs down to zero so they can feel it.

  4. I entirely disagree on that the call on Kittle was over officious. As a former DB, I can tell you that there is no way to cover a guy if he cam use his arm to stop you from closing. The harder you try to close in on him, the more you push him away from you creating the separation needs. It doesn’t look like major pass interference, just like holding a guy’s hand down low doesn’t look like much, but both are subtle pass interference plays that need to be called.

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