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National Championship liveblog: Clemson vs. Alabama

We are covering the 2016-17 National College Football Championship game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa between Clemson and Alabama. Today’s officiating crew is from the Big 12.


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7 thoughts on “National Championship liveblog: Clemson vs. Alabama

  1. 09 | 4th qtr. On the final touchdown by Clemson, we see another potential “pic play”. Clemson receiver Artavis Scott fires off the line, and we see contact between him and Alabama defensive back Marion Humphrey. The contact looks to be mutual however, as Humphrey also reaches out and grabs Scott. Given these factors, this looks to be a good no-call.

  2. DPI at end of game, looks like it’s on the 2, not in endzone, if so, isn’t it half the distance, would have been on the 5, they said it was in endzone, and by rule on the 2.. I know it’s only 3 yards, however, with only 6 seconds, it could have come into play.. Replay on the squib kick????? what were they looking at/ for?? It took forever.. I thought crew overall did very well, 2 “picks” plays were good no calls.. Let them play..

  3. If the ball is snapped from the 17 going in, any DPI occurring between the 17 and the 2 would be a spot foul. DPI occurring from the 2 to the end zone, the ball would be places at the 2. Say if the ball was snapped from the 18, and the foul happened from the 3 to the end zone, it would be enforced the full 15 yards. There is no half the distance penalty for DPI, unless it was snapped from the 2 yard line, or happened on a try in NCAA rules.

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