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Quick calls: Thanksgiving liveblog

Coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Thanksgiving Day games.



Updates may be a little slow today, but check back here for coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Thanksgiving Day games.

Ben Austro
Thu Nov 24 • 11:46 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

Referee Carl Cheffers also addressed an illegal formation foul to the pool reporter:

Q: Can you describe the illegal formation on Cordarrelle Patterson on the snap before the interception?

Cheffers: The player that we called for an illegal formation was not on the line of scrimmage. We ruled that he was not on the line of scrimmage; he was not breaking [the plane of] the waistline of the snapper. Therefore, he left the tackle on that end of the line uncovered. We also had only had 6 players on the line of scrimmage. By rule, that’s an illegal formation.

Ben Austro
Thu Nov 24 • 11:22 pm EST


Vikings at Lions (video)

It was a pivotal call on a play full of pivot points. In the final minute of the game with the score tied, Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford was intercepted in Vikings territory by Darius Slay. As he is being tackled, Slay fumbles the ball, which is recovered by the Vikings. Slay was immediately ruled down by contact, which prevents the fumble from occuring.

This was reviewed by the replay official to see if a stop-down review was necessary. Referee Carl Cheffers got the signal from replay official Charles Stewart that the down-by-contact ruling was confirmed.

Cheffers addressed the call to a pool reporter after the game:

The ruling on the field was that we had an interception, and the intercepting player was down by contact. That’s what the ruling on the field was. The ruling official gave the signal indicating that the player was down by contact. So that play naturally goes to review. It’s an automatic review because it’s inside of two minutes, and it’s also a change of possession. It went to review. The replay official confirmed the ruling on the field — without the need to stop the game — that his right knee was down prior to any loss of possession. Therefore, the ruling on the field was confirmed, and we marked the ball ready for play.

Additionally, SVP/officiating Dean Blandino addressed the call in a video released on Twitter:


Ben Austro
Thu Nov 24 • 8:37 pm EST


Steelers at Colts

      Yrs College Occupation
R 65 Walt Coleman 28 Arkansas manager dairy processor
U 44 Jeff Rice 22 Northwestern attorney
HL 74 Derick Bowers 14 East Central sales representative
LJ 16 Kevin Codey 2 Western New England middle school physical education teacher
FJ 43 Terry Brown 11 Tennessee probation supervisor
SJ 76 Alan Eck 1 Bloomsburg State tax manager
BJ 111 Terrence Miles 9 Arizona State quality control manager
  • Replay official: Lou Nazzaro
Mark Schultz
Thu Nov 24 • 8:34 pm EST


Washington at Cowboys (video)

Craig Wrolstad’s crew was challenged this game as players from both teams trash talked and pushed and shoved. At one point, officials went to both benches during a TV timeout and told both sides to pipe down. 

Ben Austro
Thu Nov 24 • 4:38 pm EST


Washington at Dallas

      Yrs College Occupation
R 4 Craig Wrolstad 14 Washington athletic director
U 31 Barry Anderson 10 North Carolina State builder/developer
HL 28 Mark Hittner 20 Pittsburg State investment broker
LJ 10 Julian Mapp 8 Grambling State software QA tester
FJ 33 Steve Zimmer 20 Hofstra attorney
SJ 21 Jeff Lamberth 15 Texas A&M attorney
BJ 27 Lee Dyer 14 Tennessee-Chattanooga sales manager
  • Replay official: Larry Nemmers
Matt Holmquist
Thu Nov 24 • 3:18 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

When a Vikings defensive end jumped offsides, Matthew Stafford was visibly upset that he did not get a “free play”. The line of scrimmage official shut it down correctly. The rule regarding neutral zone infractions states that when a defender is parallel to or beyond an offensive lineman, with an unimpeded path to the quarterback, the play is to be killed. 

Mark Schultz
Thu Nov 24 • 2:42 pm EST


Vikings at Lions (video)

Two Vikings’ turnovers are negated–one via replay and one via penalty. The Stafford pass-fumble replay was pretty cut-and-dried. A Lions’ interception was negated by a pass interference penalty. On video the DPI looks marginal, but another angle (not shown here) indicated a jersey tug, thus a good call.

Rich Madrid
Thu Nov 24 • 2:35 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

Before the end of the half, the clock did not stop when a Lions receiver went out of bounds. By rule, his forward progress was stopped in bounds before he went out of bounds. The forward progress wind was correct.


Cameron Filipe
Thu Nov 24 • 1:51 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

Detroit head coach Jim Caldwell reviewed a defensive pass interference called against the Lions, anticipating that a defensive lineman tipped the pass prior to contact. Touching of a pass is reviewable in replay, and referee Carl Cheffers concluded that lineman A’Shawn Robinson tipped the ball before the interference, nullifying the foul called against linebacker Tahir Whitehead. 

Mark Schultz
Thu Nov 24 • 1:21 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

A nice tradition continues on CBS. Referee Carl Cheffers posed with the crew and wished the TV audience a happy Thanksgiving. The cameras then isolated on each official as they were preparing for the next play. A nice moment for TV to give the crew some love.

Rich Madrid
Thu Nov 24 • 1:15 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

A Vikings pass play was ruled a fumble after quarterback Sam Bradford was hit and appeared to fumble with the Lions recovering. A subsequent review determined the play was incomplete as video showed the arm and hand was going forward and Bradford had control through the throwing motion. Call on the field was reversed to incomplete.

Mark Schultz
Thu Nov 24 • 1:13 pm EST


If you happen to see footage of the Phil Luckett coin toss today, know that he acted properlyand ignore any snarky comments.

Ben Austro
Thu Nov 24 • 1:03 pm EST


Vikings at Lions

      Yrs College Occupation
R 51 Carl Cheffers 17 California-Irvine sales manager
U 71 Ruben Fowler 11 Huston-Tillotson retired firefighter
HL 79 Kent Payne 13 Nebraska Wesleyan teacher
LJ 47 Tim Podraza 9 Nebraska corporate real estate
FJ 88 Brad Freeman 3 Mississippi State sports park director
SJ 1 Scott Novak 3 Phoenix sales manager
BJ 63 Jim Quirk 7 Middlebury financial advisor
  • Replay official: Charles Stewart
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