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Beckham-Norman II leads to 1st use of Beckham-Norman rule


Week 3: Washington at N.Y. Giants (video)

A game marred by the unsportsmanlike conduct by Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman last year, supposedly spurred a new rule, which, as written, would not have ejected Beckham or Norman if it was in effect then. When Beckham and Norman faced each other again, the rule was first invoked, but against neither Beckham nor Norman.

It was Giants center Weston Richburg that became the first player tossed under the new 2&DQ rule — two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls of a certain type in the same game lead to automatic ejection. Richburg, with a “yellow card” on him for an unsportsmanlike call earlier in the game, approached Norman, the Washington safety, after a catch by Beckham. This taunting violation was flagged and resulted in Richburg’s ejection.

Football Zebras analyzed the fouls called last season and found only one instance where a player was assessed two of the conduct fouls included under the new rule. Those fouls occurred on the same play.

Richburg will also be fined this week for each unsportsmanlike foul, which can be significant even if the minimum amounts are applied.


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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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49 thoughts on “Beckham-Norman II leads to 1st use of Beckham-Norman rule

  1. Well, that was an embarrassing display by the NFL and the officials. Yes, the officials were briefed regarding Odell and Josh Norman. Yes, they preemptively warned both squads. Exactly, as they should have.

    But, then they overcall the game and every good hit turns into a personal foul.

    Both of richburg’s fouls were non calls. Norman’s hit on Shepherd should have been non call. The hit by Adams on the blocked punt should have been a non call. The end result was the refs changed the outcome of the game with the ridiculous personal fouls. The Giants had a blocked punt reversed and lost their second best offensive lineman. By the way, the call on Vernon was legit… Can’t lower your helmet into the QB helmet. Stupid play!

    Also, it appeared on the Jumbotron that desean Jackson didn’t catch that ball in the end zone.

    Bad job by the crew …. And I suspect that the league office over prepared them for trouble and this was result. I can’t say that they were repentant like terry was last year… But they should be.

  2. Unwatchable junk. That’s what the NFL has become. Was the Giants vs Redskins game exciting? Yes, it you like poorly officiated chaos. But this is what Fox and the NFL and the other TV networks want – gladiator spectacle, not football. When Norman lifted Beckhem like a ballerina on his shoulder and the referee stands there, literally stands there just feet away, just looking at them………well……’s just sad and pathetic. In baseball if two players did something like that one or both of them would have been thrown out right then and there. Same in ice hockey. The officials just would not stand for it and the players and coaches know it. The NFL and the media all but WANTED Norman and Beckham to pull out the shields and swords and start a gladiator fight on the field. And that’s what the NFL and media got, with their sad bunch of incompetent and elderly officials playing their roll.

  3. Similar to most of the games we see every week the officiating in the Giants game left much to be desired. Too many missed calls, too many calls made that were simply not there. I will discuss the major calls of the game.

    1) First quarter, the Redskins defender was pushed into the ball by a Giant (K) player. This is what is called in some quarters, “forced” touching, which is no touching. 9-2-4 tells us what it is.
    ARTICLE 4. BLOCKED INTO KICK. There is no distinction between a player touching a ball or being touched by it, but a player is not considered to have touched the ball if he is blocked into it by an opponent, provided he is in a passive position and not blocking. A player who is engaged with and blocking his opponent when he contacts the ball is deemed to have touched the ball.

    This was an easy call to see, if the official is focused in on what he should be watching. Huge miss, as it gave the Giants the ball inside the 20, and the ensuing drive resulted in a TD. The Redskin player was not engaged in blocking. A properly trained, experienced official does not miss this basic call. This is a routine play that occurs many times on a punt, and the official has to be ready for this type of action. Unfortunately, replay cannot fix this. Terrible miss by the covering official. Can’t remember what side of the field this occurred on, but both deep wings working this game were very not on their game for sure, assuming they even have a game.

    2) Jackson’s TD reception. An easy call by the B, backed up by replay. To determine whether this is a catch? The key component here was did Jackson control of the ball? Well, replay clearly showed there was slight movement of the ball while his hand was under it on the ground. Slight movement of the ball will not be considered a loss of possession, per rule. Jackson must have lost control of the ball in order to rule that there he lost of possession. Jackson controlled the ball. The fact that this catch occurred in the EZ is of no moment, as the requirements for a catch in the end zone are the same as the requirements for a catch in the field of play.

    3) The illegal block PF on the blocked punt? This action was prohibited by 12-2-6-G which prohibits the a player from unnecessarily running, diving into, cutting, or throwing the body against or on a player who (1) is out of the play or (2) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead. Here, the Redskin’s gunner was clearly out of the play, and thus is protected from the type of vicious hit which was inflicted upon him. Arguably this could be an illegal blindside block, but it need not be and would still absolutely be a foul. This unnecessary and vicious hit occurred on the opposite side of the field on the opposing 45 yard line, when the action of the illegal bat occurred at the 15 on the other side of the field. The Redskin (I love saying this) gunner was clearly and without a doubt out of the play and 33 NYG deserved a flag. 33 was apparently signed a few days before this game, and I suspect will be off the roster this week for making such a bone-headed and what turned out to be game changing stupid play. Great call – can’t miss this one, and the covering official did not.

    4) Redskin interception in EZ. Another terrible miss by the weak deep official. Mechanics were poor; he had no communication. You can see the official signal incomplete – THEN, after this signal, begins to take a peek at his BJ who was coming down the line and should have been able to help with the call. But the deep wing chose not to look for help and as a result? He has to own his terrible mistake. He rushed, when the proper mechanic is slow it down, then slow it down some more. Confirm with your BJ. Help was potentially there and he refused to take it. Just, as we used to say, a real poor piece of officiating. It was clear on replay the Redskin defender had secured the ball and his shoulder was down in the EZ before sliding OOB. This is an interception and should have been reversed by replay. It is unconscionable that despite the clear video evidence supporting a reversal, that the replay official did not change the incorrect call. Terrible all around on this play.

    5) #70 Giants getting tossed. First, he better not have been tossed because of his legal block on Norman, who was trailing the play as a potential tackler. They announced a UNS, so it could not have been because of this legal block. If you look at the play again, you can see 70 look towards Norman as 70 walked towards his sideline, and say something – barely even breaking his stride. No way, shape or form should this type action be close to a taunt. All I can suggest is what he said must have been outrageous, perhaps calling Norman the N word. Then, perhaps a UNS was warranted. The interesting thing is the flag came in late but the wing closest to the play did not make the call and I did not see another official within earshot of 70. This tells me the throwing official thought the actions of 70 walking by Norman talking smack was a taunt. Complete BS call that one would not make in a college game, where taunts were a POE this year. Another terrible piece of officiating.

  4. Whether you agree or disagree with what has been said so far regarding the Giant/skins game, one thing that can be said was the officials did NOT lose control of the game. Hussey laid down the law and the crew made sure it was enforced, unlike last years debacle. Good Job by Hussey ensuring both players knew what he was looking for, what would not be tolerated and what the consequences would be if they crossed the line. Reminds me of what we had to do when officiating a semi-pro game, but it worked.

  5. @al

    Great job? The refs controlling game – good. The refs inserting themselves in to the outcome – bad, very bad.

    Terry messed up last year. He even admitted it later off the record. But, yesterday was atrocious. This is not a semi-pro game … it is the NFL. You don’t call BS penalties for unsportsmanlike to “keep control”. The Giants lose their second best O-Lineman to two bad personal fouls calls. And, it went both ways. That shot Norman put on Sterling Shepard was a good hit.

    You know nothing about the game if you think that was a good job because they kept control of the game. They approached the game looking for personal fouls and they found them. Maybe, that is what you do in your semi-pro games… but this was the NFL.

  6. TQNYG – I don’t remember Terry ever admitting he messed up. I do remember he quit the union and I do remember he didn’t follow the lead provided by his boss and I do remember the game getting out of control. AND if you ever officiated any game, you know what it takes to control a game and Hussey did a vg job and Mcaulay did not. The fact he lost control of the game caused the NFL to put in a new rule and unfortunately the Giants were not smart enough to abide by it, their fault and I am a Giant fan and I’m not happy with some of BS fouls they committed including the dumbass foul on the blocked punt. As for knowing the game, I’ve forgotten more then you ever knew about officiating!

  7. @al

    Control a game? How about alter a game’s outcome? The rules are the rules, regardless of what happened last year between Odell and Norman.

    The official’s job is to call the action, not carry out directives from league office. Or, do you want to argue that either of those personal fouls on Richburg would have been called in any other game. Anyone who knows the game … Knows those two incidents go uncalled in any either game. You ignore that and fawn over Hussey not losing control. You may be able to quote rules by the page in the rule book but your commentary proves you know jack-squat about football.

  8. You’re telling me the “corporation” you work for has no influence, or say, over how you do your job when working for said corporation? It’s precisely your job to execute your duties/responsibilities the way the boss wants it done. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself requiring new employment.

  9. Lee, that is a foolish answer.

    If they don’t like rules as written … Change them. Until that point, enforce them as written.

  10. While we all want consistency in sports officiating, it is well known that some matches deserve more attention by the officials than others. Tensions may run high, and the refs have to stop it before it gets out of hand. Conversely, if the atmosphere is very loose and players are enjoying themselves, you may be more inclined to allow a slight amount more contact between the players.

    Sports officiating is an art. You have to go with the flow. Call a loose game tight and you become the center of attention. Call a reckless game too loosely and you risk preventable injuries and fights. There is not one size fits all, though we try to get as close to that as possible.

  11. TQ: you obviously are a GIANT fan and so am I, but you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about officiating. What you are suggesting is the crew ignore the directions of their boss and do exactly what the crew last year did and not take charge of the game and prevent it from getting out of hand, WHICH IS WHY THE RULE IS NOW IN PLACE! If Mcaulay had taken Blandino’s advice and DQ’d those idiots last year, the new DQ rule would not have been written into the rulebook. Hussey and the crew did a great job making sure the game did not get out of control. BTW: Hussey was a fill-in on that crew for….. Mcaulay! Guess he did a better job of getting the crew ready to work a tough game!

    Derke & Lee – Agree with you 100% You GET it!

  12. al

    My allegiance is irrelevant.

    Terry has been out for three weeks… his absence was not because of the Odell Norman issue.

    Changing the way you call the game and meting out phantom personal foul penalties is not professional! If you had actually played any football you would understand! The game was over-officiated! How do you explain to the player (Richburg) that he was kicked out of a game and will be financially penalized and embarrassed because Hussey was directed by Blandino to call the game in a manner that was counter to the existing rules. That was horseshit officiating. Period. The end. You would understand if you played.

  13. TQ NYG – you are clueless when it comes to officiating. Blandino supported the call and his opinion is in line with what I said all along, so that’s that. Sounds to me like you played too many games without a helmet! Good job by Hussey and his crew enforcing the rules as instructed by their supervisor! Maybe the lugheads who committed the stupid fouls and cost the G-men the game will learn their lesson.

  14. Al, you just don’t get it. There’s nothing wrong with warning the teams before the game starts. There is an issue with calling the game too tight and not allowing the players to play. But we get that you’ll distort reality to praise any official who isn’t #77 and crucify #77 even if he saves your life. It’s what you do. Leave the officiating analysis to us please.

  15. Yea right, you are as clueless as TQ. Seems like the powers agree with me regarding Hussey and how he handled the situation and agreed with me with the way #77 didn’t handle the situation last year. Like I told TQ I’ve forgotten more about officiating then YOU ever knew. Grab another beer, sit back and watch a good Referee work tonight!

  16. Except they didn’t agree with you last year because McAulay worked in the playoffs, and there’s no evidence that Hussey did good on Sunday. Like I said, you distort the truth to put down a good referee. Shame on you Al.
    Oh, and by the way, I watch excellent officials work in every NFL game!

  17. @Wade
    You make an excellent distinction. The officials are generally excellent.

    The problem is that the NFL brass told the officials to alter the rules and the result was a bad outcome.

    You never did play real football. Did you?

  18. Wade/TQ NYG: let’s review; I started this by saying I thought Hussey did an excellent job controlling the game. I compared what happened in his game to what happened last year and due to the fact Hussey took control and his crew took control the game did not get out of control, like it did last year, when that crew (headed by your favorite referee #77)did not, in spite of being told to by his SUPERVISOR to! Maybe macauly can disregard what his supervisor tells him, but most of us will follow directions and not embarrass themselves and the league.

    I keep forgetting this is the Mcaulay fan club site! it’s ok to bash Morelli and his crew on how they worked last year but NOT mcaulay’s? give me a break.

    So you think playing the game should be an important part of being an official? I’ll agree with that. You should go back and see how much your favorite Referee played when he was at LSU. I’ll bet it was ZERO. The closest he got to the field is when he put on his cheerleading/yell squad uniform, he never put on pads. Check it out!

    BTW when I played we had helmets with facemasks!!! you are CLUELESS when it comes to officiating. Stick to being a fan.

  19. @al

    You are one odd dude. Favorite officials? For who? Do you trade officials sports cards?

    As for playing football – pop warner does not count.

    As for NFL officiating. I am on the inside. You are on the outside. We call folks like you – the laypeople.

  20. TQ like I said earlier – YOU are clueless! On the inside of what? Where did you officiate this past weekend? From Your couch???

  21. al

    Looks like the pop warner guess was true, based upon your silence.

    As for inside…I can’t give you specifics, because I don’t want to give away my ID. But, I will do games on Fox, NBC and ESPN this year.

  22. Holding the wires for the sideline microphone isn’t being on the inside. Another college official and I were reviewing plays from our game this past weekend and he brought up the importance of ‘controlling the game’ and how when you let it get out of hand ‘like they did last year in the Giant/Panther game, it’s an embarrassment to the crew, the league and to the official. This was without prompting. IT brought a smile to my face. Careful when you flip channels with your remote this weekend you don’t get a blister or spill your beer!!!

  23. Lend some credibility to your claims Al and identify yourself & your fellow “college official”. It would put you in a new light & might allow us to take you more seriously. Or are you going to continue being jealous of a better referee who is also 10x the man you’ll ever be?

  24. al

    That anecdote backing up your finding controlling the game to be important is priceless. Like I give a rat’s rear end what you and your friend think.

    I still think you do not understand the game, because you never played the game. Kinda like Sarah Thomas.

  25. @ Wade as soon as you identify yourself, I will follow your lead. Jealousy has nothing to do with stating facts as I have. You just won’t accept them as VP of the Terry Mcauly fan club

  26. @ TQ NYG so you are on the inside of the NFL officiating, very interesting seeing you don’t know a thing about officiating and you would’ve not followed Blandino’s directions. That’ll get you far. Wait, I know realize what you do, K-ball guy at the Giant games? No wait that would be too much responsibility. I know you hold the front stake on the chains, no, the back stake, no, the down marker, no that would mean you’d have to think, the clip, nah, I got it you have the clipboard! Now I’ll look for you at the next home game for the G-men.

  27. Al, I’m a guy who just so happens to be a fan of the NFL. I have 0 officiating experience, but enjoy learning about it & learning about the men who officiate. I know not to bash any official too harshly because they’re the professional & I’m not. Furthermore, I live in Canada, and the state of CFL replay is worse than the NFL because coaches can challenge penalties & the calls by our command centre are not consistent at all. And my name isn’t Wade; I chose to go by that name because Wade was someone who stood up to you and your nonsense once.

    That’s me Al. Now it’s your turn. Who are you?

  28. Hello again Wade, nice to hear from you, AGAIN. Finally admitting you know zero about officiating helps me to understand where you are coming from. Based on the fact I do have many years of experience officiating football at a very high level, I can make objective comments regarding situations that were handled improperly, like OBJ vs Warren I. Being in the officiating business, we all understand every move we make opens us up for being scrutinized by someone and many of our decisions are subject to speculation. The difference in the case I have been referring to is not something which is subjective. The officials in this instance lost control of the game which should never happen at any level, from Pop Warner, to HS, to college to CFL to NFL. Try relating it to a hockey game which I’m sure you’ve view many. When the officials know the game is going to involve teams with history they call a different game and watch the potential combatants. While hockey fights and blatant misconduct is an acceptable behavior to a point, it’s not in football. In the OBJ v Warren I the game officials knew these two were going to have issues, it was on social media all week, their supervisor had warned them ahead of time, there were numerous incidents during the game which could’ve been handled differently to maybe prevent these issues and then their supervisor reminds them he will ‘support them” if they decide to DQ the two idiots. All of this was ignored and as the CREW CHIEF it is mcaulay’s responsibility to get his crew prepared to work and then take control of the situation once he recognizes it is escalating. HE DID NEITHER. Which led me to my second note praising the job by the officials in OBJ v Warren II. As a veteran NFL referee #77 should’ve taken control and all of this other BS would not have taken place and the need to institute a 2 unsportsmanlike foul DQ most likely would not exist. HOPE this helps you to understand! If not, Ah, go have a Molson and enjoy a hockey game!

  29. al-

    Good grief, you are an idiot. Because Wade is from Canada… he relates to hockey? If he was Asian, would there be a table tennis analogy?

    You are also a moron if you think the officials should make themselves part of the game. Just call the damned games, with the rules as written. The ratings are down because of the two know-it-all micromanagers – Dean and Roger – sitting on Park Avenue.

    Officiating at a high level? LOL, what difference does it make what elevation the field is at where you ref middle school games.

  30. CLUELESS! NOW YOU WANT THE OFFICIALS TO OFFICATE THE GAME THE WAY THE RULES ARE WRITTEN! WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CREW DID AND WHY THEY DQ’D HIM! The rule was written and put in the book because the crew from last year’s game DIDN’T officiate the game properly and the rules had to be rewritten. Check the rulebook book it’s on page 77 rule 7.7! LUGHEAD.

    As for the analogy with ice hockey again you are CLUELESS. It’s game with violence and occasional fights and bad conduct! DUH.

    The official work the game the way they are instructed to by their supervisors and if they don’t they most likely will not be working, of course, unless you are arrogant like #77 and make up your own rules and interpretations. Go AWAY you have NO CLUE ABOUT OFFICIATING. Is this Benny from the Bronx? First time caller? Try Mike and the Mad Dog to air your dumbass views!

  31. Al

    You want to tell me those two penalties called on Richburg were penalties? Let alone personal fouls? Did you ever play a meaningful snap of football?

    Indisputable – the refs called two bad fouls because they were on lookout for fouls. And, they called phantom fouls. That is horrible officiating.

    Only a putz like you would argue it is good because they “controlled the game”. A person who knows football and has played football – someone like me – would say they inserted themselves in to the game and altered the outcome of the game.

    And, give it a break on McAulay. For God’s sake – what did he do to you? You sound very bitter and childish.

  32. TQ NYG AKA CLUELESS! IF you knew anything about officiating you’d know that PF’s do not get you thrown out of the game, unless they are flagrant fouls (look that up in your rulebook). Richburg was DQ’d for 2 Unsportsmanlike Fouls/Taunting a new rule in the NFL thanks to the fact #77 did not control the game last year. This has been a college rule for many years (but you knew that because you are a college official (yea right in your dreams). There would not be a need for this rule if your favorite Referee had taken control of the game last year, but he didn’t, so the RULES COMMITTEE, put the rule in and NOW the officials have to enforce it or become COUCH POTATOES like YOU! IF mcaulay wasn’t so arrogant and didn’t possess an ego the size of Texas there would not have been a rule change and Richburg would not have been disqualified. Like I’ve said before, he is overrated and you are clueless!

  33. al

    You really are a cretin, What part of this do you not get?

    1- Neither of Richburg’s “fouls” were even penalties of any sort. The official who flagged those incidents is a jackass. But, they were on the look out for anything. That is terrible officiating.

    2- Favorite official? Are you some kind of social misfit? Like most football people… I could care less who is officiating as long as they stay out of the outcome of the came and call it the same way for both teams. Only a real misfit would have favorite or unfavorite officials. You are obsessed with MacAulay to the point where I think he must have shagged your wife… but you seem more the type who never got laid.

    3- Couch potato? This couch potato would toss your sorry old ass around like a rag doll.


    IS THAT A THREAT! Claimed earlier to be ‘on the inside’ and alluded to being an official which clearly you are not! Go back to the couch, grab a bowl of chips and a beer and yell at the TV. If you could read and comprehend what you read you would get it, but obviously you can’t. You are CLUELESS! BENNY IN THE BRONX, FIRST TIME CALLER!

  35. al

    Seriously, what is the matter with you? Do you hate me as much as you hate MacAulay? What did he ever do to you?

    As for inside or outside … I really shouldn’t spend the time going back and forth with a layperson like yourself… but it is kind of fun watching you defend the indefensible.

    Just admit you are a fan who knows nothing about the rules and has never officiated a game! Because it’s really obvious you never have been on the field and the only calls you make are on your cell phone to place your weekly bets!

    Hate you, no, just trying to educate you, which is looking like it’s impossible to do. The next time you are sitting with Mcaulay having a beer you can cuddle with him and make him feel better for being the reason there is a rule in the nfl regarding unsportsmanlike conduct fouls and disqualification. Be happy the G-men won this week and OBJ only received one unsportsmanlike foul and wasn’t disqualified.

  37. al

    Disqualified? For what? He absolutely deserved his selfish 15 yarder at the end of the game which could have cost the game. But disqualified? If you think the officials job is to start randomly disqualifying players…. you are a bigger idiot than I thought.

    I know any official who has been in the league a few years. Again – insider vs a layperson like yourself. I have no special affinity, or enmity for that matter, for Terry. He is just another guy who wears the NFL stripes.

    I do have enmity for the idiots – Dean and Roger – on Park Avenue who think they should micromanage the game and change the way the game is officiated. The ratings are down for a reason!

    What you seem to be missing is the fact Park Avenue does not make the rules, the competition committee does. Park Avenue works for the owners and it’s the owners who are concerned with the image the league projects. The owners are the ones who lose if the rating go down and when ‘they’ decide to back off the strict enforcement of the rules, they will tell Dean who will then tell the officials and who will then back off. Until then, the on field officials must enforce the rules or be in jeopardy of losing their jobs. I just don’t understand why you don’t get that! Again, looking at ice hockey, for so many years fighting occurred in almost every game but the owners decided it wasn’t good for the league, in spite of the fact the fans loved it. So they started to crack down more and penalize more and now fighting still happens but less often. But you are getting off point which is the officials do what they are instructed to do by Park Ave/Dean/their boss and that is the bottom line. FANS MAY NOT GET THAT BUT OFFICIAL DO!

  39. Al, reread what Scabby wrote. He’s someone who gets it & appears to have been in the league in the past or present. You’re just a CLUELESS layperson Al, and it’s not our fault.

  40. al

    You are one of those people who thinks Roger and company were wise to punish Tom Brady for the whole deflate gate kerfuffle. What kind of moron penalizes their best player for a goofy and unprovable thing like the psi of a football. As if that had anything to do with the fact that they routed the Colts.

    I have zero rooting interest in the Colts or the Pats… but how interesting that the Pats are still doing nothing but winning and the Colts suck ass even with the league’s most talented young QB.

    But, you probably thought it was great to see Brady get his comeuppance from the league.

    WHY would I care what he has to say? He is obviously another FAN who knows nothing about officiating. YOU just don’t seem to get it! There are rules and the officials are instructed to officiate the game by the rules. The new rule regarding unsportsmanlike acts are in place because someone (who will remain nameless, but wears #77 on his shirt) did not enforce them last year. So now they had to be put in place. That’s it bottom line! As the ‘fan’ you are, I don’t expect you to understand, but as the official I am I totally understand. OK Benny in the Bronx – GET IT! Call WFAN and tell them what you ‘think’! Mike will straighten you out!


    AS a FAN you care about rating? Really, If the owners are worried about rating THEY will dictate changes be made to the way the game is officiated. Until then it will be officiated as directed by the Supervisor of Officials/Blandino and that is the way it is! But again, I forgot you are an official, no a fan, no a ….!

    From the Sideline: why would I care what Scabby has to say? Re-read what Goodell had to say after the recent owners meeting. That will give you all an idea of what the owners are thinking. Eventually they may change their minds, but until they do, the game will be officiated in the same manner as it has been and they will be sure not to let the game get out of control and penalize unsportsmanlike acts that includes taunting!

  43. al

    I think TQ hit the nail on the head. Your new nickname name will be referee rainman.

  44. @sideline: another CLUELESS FAN who has no idea what officiating is all about! So we have TQ – DUMB and Sideline – DUMBER! what a pair!

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