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Week 3 referee assignments

Walt Coleman is the referee for the Thursday night game between the Texans and the Patriots.

[Update 9/21: John Hussey will head Terry McAulay’s crew, reversing our previous update. McAulay will be out for a third week due to an undisclosed medical issue. He was originally slated to return this week, and that’s where some of the confusion arose with our sources. On a separate note, we have added the DirecTV channels for the Sunday games. Let us know in the comments if you like or dislike this feature.]

Thursday, Sept. 22

  • Texans at Patriots   CBS  NFLN       â€”   Walt Coleman

Sunday, Sept. 25

  • Cardinals at Bills   709   â€”   Walt Anderson
  • Vikings at Panthers   710   â€”   Jerome Boger
  • Broncos at Bengals   705   â€”   John Parry
  • Lions at Packers   711   â€”   Carl Cheffers
  • Ravens at Jaguars   706   â€”   Gene Steratore
  • Browns at Dolphins   707   â€”   Clete Blakeman
  • Washington at Giants   712   â€”   John Hussey (with Terry McAulay’s crew)
  • Raiders at Titans   708   â€”   Tony Corrente
  • 49ers at Seahawks   713   â€”   Jeff Triplette
  • Rams at Buccaneers   714   â€”   Ed Hochuli
  • Chargers at Colts   715   â€”   Ron Torbert
  • Jets at Chiefs   716   â€”   Bill Vinovich
  • Steelers at Eagles   717   â€”   Brad Allen
  • Bears at Cowboys   NBC   â€”   Craig Wrolstad

Monday, Sept. 26

  • Falcons at Saints   ESPN   â€”   Pete Morelli
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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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25 thoughts on “Week 3 referee assignments

  1. Here’s hoping Gene Steratore and crew does a much better job than Carl Cheffer’s and crew 🙁 Hopefully we will see some integrity on the field this Sunday.

  2. Week 3 Brad Allen continues his crew’s recent trend by throwing another 30 flags, missing two clear fumbles, seeing phantom OPIs, and cancelling out at least 3 TDs…

  3. Good luck Steelers and Eagles fans. The game may be nearly unwatchable. Lions and Titans fans apparently tuned in to watch Allen’s crew throw as many flags as possible. At least they were consistent?

  4. He’s the same guy who called the facemask on Ziggy Ansah in last years game prior to the hail mary win for the pack… Lions fans hate this guy, whether they know it or not.

  5. Terri, yikes….

    I have said it before, but my advice went unheeded. Please go elsewhere for your bellyaching. Nobody cares about how your team was gypped by the crew that did your recent home team’s game.

    This site is for insiders and officiating professionals to comment on the finer points of officiating.

    Call your local sports station and complain to the local Seth or Adam manning the talk show. Okay!?

  6. See here’s the thing about the internet, it’s basically a public forum meaning you don’t get to monopolize a comment section unless you are a site administrator. So bring your “bellyaching” to them because nobody cares about “insider” opinion concerning our criticism of referees.

  7. I feel bad. We are the ones who invaded your safe space and hurt your sensitive referee feelings. I’m sorry and i hope you feel better soon.

  8. Missed a great Giants game last Sunday as only 1 game was showed because of the Patriots game (no game on FOX) This is not fair.

  9. @Michael

    I updated the post after your comment with new information: McAulay’s crew has that game with John Hussey. The side judge and line judge were on that crew last year. But, good catch noticing that! That certainly would have been very unusual. Of course, assigning Cheffers to the Lions-Packers game, although he was totally in the clear for the call in last year’s game, was not a very good decision.

  10. Ben, what do you mean by “in the clear”.

    I enjoyed your article from last year concerning the call (; great analysis. Seems they screwed up the call but it’s understandable why they did. Regrettable outcome from this fan’s perspective, but I get it.

    If there’s a Lions v Packers game for him to be assigned to, the one at lambeau is the right call. I’m not sure his welcoming at ford field would be warm.

  11. will johnson: Chill out! I know you don’t like McAulay (for some reason), but he is consistently one of the best in the NFL; 3 super bowls and consistent top tier playoff assignments mean that he’s an official you want to see, not an “arrogant crybaby”.

  12. I personally would have thought that the NFL would try to assign a crew to the Redskins/Giants game that had a better set of deep officials (FJ, SJ, BJ). They have weaker line officials, but Clete Blakeman and Jeff Triplette both have deep officials that have generally ranked higher than those on McAulay’s crew. That being said, you do have an alternate SJ in Jon Lucivansky if they did not want Jonah Monroe working the game as he struggled last year with the match-up.

  13. @yikes

    Regarding “in the clear”: they were not downgraded for the facemask foul, but not because the call was correct. As for assigning him to the away game, they could have easily (and should have) let this cool for a year, or assigned him to a different Lions game this season.

  14. Thanks for the clarification.

    You are definitely right about the game assignment. Nice site by the way. Lots of great perspective on a side of the game most of us fans ignore until we think it hurts our teams.

  15. You do realize that McAulay’s crew called the Giants-Panthers (Norman vs Odell) disaster last year right? Why the NFL would put the same crew on the rematch… I don’t know.

  16. Zach, Terry McAulay’s crew is much different than last year. With McAulay being replaced again by the bye week R, the only officials on the crew this year who worked the Giants-Panthers game were the LJ and the SJ. As I have said earlier, I think a lot of the problem last year was less with McAulay and more the SJ. He just looked shell-shocked when everything was blowing up in front of him and was not getting much support from the other deep officials (who are now on other crews).

  17. Terry McAulay is a terrible ref and arrogant jerk. He let the Car/NYG game get out of hand last year because he was too chicken to toss anyone out just like bottle gate.

    and if all the vagrants in charlotte want to riot because one of their own got himself killed, make the fighting cameron newtons forfeit the game to minnesota.

  18. @yikes… Don’t worry about me and safe spaces. I was genuinely trying to help you out. You sound like the typical uneducated fan. You know the type… immersed in fantasy football. It’s okay… type all you want. It’s your prerogative.

    As for Terry’s crew with the Giants game and Odell vs Josh Norman. The real issue last year (I have already covered this in previous comments) was all the extracurricular activity that occurred before the game on the Panther’s side of warmups. The Panther’s players were taunting Odell with a baseball bat and making slurs questioning his sexuality. I highly doubt that will happen with the Redskins in town. Odell happens to be a very good young man, who let the taunting and threats of violence get the best of him. he felt bad about letting down his teammates.

    By the way, Ben … nice touch on calling the REDSKINS Washington! Does that make you feel more enlightened and feel a little better about yourself? Feeling a bit smug now that you have hopped on the social justice bandwagon? Or, are you just overcome by your white guilt? Just checking!?

    Not to belabor my past comments, but Terry felt bad about the last game where Odell lost his composure vs the Panthers. He told me he should have picked up on it before the game, but frankly had never seen anything like that with the bat. He said in the future he would nip that in the bud. I take him at his word, as he was very upset at the outcome.

  19. John Parry’s crew strikes again, he must have a personal vendetta against the Bengals, same crew that blew both Bengal/Steeler games last year and they got wrong yet again on Sunday vs. Broncos.

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