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Quick calls: Week 9

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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15 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 9

  1. Can we just have Austro/Griep NOT cover the Redskins games if they’re not willing to use the name? “Washington” is sticking out like a sore thumb.

  2. It’s been like that for three years on this site, so it really hasn’t been that noticeable. Before that, the name Redskins was sticking out as a sore thumb, as it is now.

  3. Umm, isn’t this Austro’s site?
    Anyway, good for you FZ staff for refraining from using a slur.

  4. Sooo, Talib. Is there ANYTHING that a player can do that will get them ejected? That was physical assault. No mitigating factors, no chance it was an accident, just a pure physical attack. If that isn’t worth ejection, what is?

  5. I can’t remember a weekend in the near or distant past where there has been more “missed” or blatantly disregarded holding calls in the NFL that resulted in big plays or TD’s as evidenced by the obvious hold Dallas just got away with when they scored on that bullshit prayer long shot to Dez in the back of the end zone. Go back and look at that play and tell me the Philly D rusher was not blatantly held allowing Cassle’s weak ass arm to even reach that throw to the end zone

  6. See, the problem is that “Washington” sticks out more when you’re using the nicknames for the 31 other teams. Either use Redskins or don’t use any nicknames at all.

  7. As much as there isn’t enough consistency in what gets called and such in the NFL, I am sick and tired of phantom PI calls when Dallas is playing. It’s really getting old.

  8. Eagles vs Cowboys end of 4th quarter

    The last drive for the Cowboys was full of flags, but none as controversial as the DPI calls on Byron Maxwell. The first call had little evidence, but we’ll give the ref’s benefit of the doubt as there was some jersey grabbing. The very next play, Dez draws another DPI with his back turned to the ball and jumping in the air towards Maxwell. If the players are the reverse rolls, that gets called on Dez 100% of the time, yet Maxwell gets blamed, and the Cowboys march closer to the goal line. Any way we can see that justified?

  9. @Karen
    With that kind of mentality, I guess it’s safe to say that you’re also embarrassed by our US Military? Ever hear of the RAH-66 Comanche? How about the CH-47D Chinook? The BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missile? Or perhaps the ever-popular AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter? Cry me a river–by the way, I’m 25% Cherokee Indian. Neither myself or anyone on that side of the family is in no way, shape or form offended by our US Military, OR the Washington “Redskins”…

  10. (Before someone “corrects” me)–Neither myself or anyone on that side of my family is offended in ANY way, shape or form by our US Military, OR the Washington “Redskins”…

  11. Matt- it wasn’t justified. As usuall in Dallas. It really gets old after a while to see how obvious it is.

  12. 1. *Of course* you’re Native American, are you related to famous fake NA Mark One Wolf?
    2. None of the other words fit into the same category as Redskin – those are tribe names and an NA word (tomahawk). “Redksin” is a slur in English invented to describe a people, who after mass genocide have earned the right to not be called slurs.

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