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Quick calls: Week 10

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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22 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 10

  1. I’m an Eagles fan but the roughing the passer hit on Bradford before the half was totol BS. Time to put a tutu on every QB and P/K. And it’s never consistently called by crews either.

  2. NE@NYG NE RN Blount two hand shoves a defender after the play in full view of the official. Offical not only doesn’t throw a flag but starts pushing the defender away and jawing at him.


    No consistency in these “taunting” calls. They should be done away with.

  3. I’m not a NY Giants fan. The catch at the end of the Patriots/Giants game is clearly a touchdown. The receiver did not go to the ground. Players have tried the strip play in the end zone for the 45+ years I’ve been watching football. That’s the first time I’ve seen the refs not give the player a TD. It was called a TD on the field and then it was over turned in the booth. Unbelievable! He had possession and 2 feet down, even if for an instant. His 2nd foot is down, then the ball is hit away from him. He is in the end zone. That is a TD! I’m fine with the current definition of a catch and I agree that if a player jumps then they have to keep the ball all the way through the play. The Giants play is not one of those types of plays. This call really pissed me off! I’m sick of the refs, they seem to just make it up sometimes. And other times it seems to be a popularity contest. They ARE the WORST part of sports. I quit watching baseball and basketball because of the refs. It was like watching wrestling, pure entertainment… not actual sporting events. I can’t wait for Dean Blandino to put his head in his ass and pull out another argument that somehow supports the refs latest crazy call. “Well, because the Patriots were going to lose, and we know how mad that would make Tom Brady, that we had to change the TD catch call at the end of the game. It’s because of a new rule on the definition of a TD catch that we just made up… I mean found… in the book, deep in the book, along side the Tuck rule.” Fucking refs fucked up another game, way to go.

  4. *Really* bad call in ARI@SEA:
    R. Wilson throws ball away, in end zone, no receiver in vicinity. Ball is 3-5 yards away from the LoS, so should be intentional ground in endzone, ergo safety.

    Ref says it’s not intentional grounding since the ball needs to go “at or to the LoS”. The actual rule is:

    Item 1. Passer or Ball Outside Tackle Position. Intentional grounding will not be called when a passer, who is outside, or has been outside, the tackle position throws a forward pass that lands at or beyond the line of scrimmage…

    A shame that Blakeman clearly does not know the rule.

  5. Really?

    1. What is significant? Intentional grounding has been called mostly when the player was pulled to the ground, which obviously affects the motion. This might surprise many on this site who lookat rules more than tape, but QB’s generally do not throw the ball away when they are physically unaffected, and that bit is never used to cancel intentional grounding.

    2. Regardless of that silly item, that was not what Blakeman said, at all.

  6. Is the holding call on #38 in the TB game a correct call if the QB had already passed the line of scrimmage. That player was no longer a receiver

  7. To everyone who thinks the Giants’ Beckham caught the ball–if this happened outside he end zone, then the Patriots jumped on the ball, would it be a turnover? No, it would be an incompletion. Its the same rule and the same result whether it happens in the end zone or on the field.

  8. I agree though the officiating was overall terrible in the NE-NY game. The Giants were gifted several key first downs on bogus DPI calls. Normally I don’t complain about the officiated, but it has gotten ridiculous when a team has to play against both the opponent and the refs.

  9. This just in: Dwight Clark’s touchdown catch in the 1981 playoffs has been overturned. The defender entered his house early this morning and knocked the ball out of his hands, thus preventing him from completing the “process of the catch”.

  10. I’m surprised (well, not really) that nobody has mentioned how the crew in the Jags/Ravens game actually cost the Ravens a win. The last play of the game, with the Jags rushing to get the Hail Mary off, the team failed to set prior to the snap. Although this is normally a live ball foul, in this situation under two minutes, this foul is treated as a FST. Therefore, it is an effort to conserve time and a ten second runoff should have occurred. Game over. Finished. Ravens win. Instead, the crew did not shut the play down and end the game; rather they let the snap get off and the Ravens defender face masked the quarterback, 15 yard style. Oops….with this 15 yards, the Jags were in FG range and their kicker hit the 53 yard game winner. A 3-5 Ravens team still had a shot at the playoffs. At 2-6? Not much chance. Courtesy of the “best football officials in the USA.” Imagine the uproar if this were early season, 2012. LMAO. I hear crickets….

  11. Officiating is horrible,at best this season.I am a Hawks fan and it seems as if the ref’s are on some kind of revenge kick when it comes to the Seahawks – Why,I cannot even imagine !! The face mask that wasn’t,the total lack of holding calls on the Cardinals,and yet at the same time calling them on the Hawks.The officials have also made horrible calls in other games of other teams – With exception of the Pat’s !! Do the Pat’s walk on water – NO they don’t !!

  12. Crusty, not much to say. Nothing to argue about, since everyone agrees they royally screwed up. Will it change anything? Will the referees get replaced? Nope.

    To be fair, not many thought the Ravens had a playoff chance even with a win.

  13. NYG TD play WOULD be incomplete at the 50, HOWEVER, by virtue of being in the end zone and automatic dead ball/end-of-play once break the plane (or catch it beyond the plane), play is over and it is a TD.

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