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Rules proposal scorecard: Which new NFL rules were passed for 2015?




Below are the proposals under consideration by the owners at the 2015 Annual Meeting, shown with the disposition of each proposal. (See our projected votes.)

Rule proposals

  • 1. Coaches challenge inside 2:00 and OT; and to use timeouts instead of red flags (NE) — FAILED
  • 2. All fouls reviewable (NE) — FAILED
  • 3. Personal fouls challengeable (TEN) — FAILED
  • 4. Personal fouls reviewable (WAS) — WITHDRAWN
  • 5. Automatic-first-down fouls reviewable (WAS) — FAILED
  • 6. Defenseless receiver hits called on certain reversals (TEN) — FAILED
  • 7. Defenseless receiver hits reviewable; and to remove timeout penalty from unsuccessful challenges (IND) — FAILED
  • 8. Increase challenges to 3 (WAS) — FAILED
  • 9. Replay official can view potential scores or turnovers (KC) — WITHDRAWN
  • 10. Expiration of game clock reviewable (TEN, proposed for 2015 season only) — PASSED with amendments to specify clock errors and to make the rule permanent
  • 11. Expiration of play clock reviewable (CHI) — FAILED
  • 12. Adding fixed cameras for replay (NE) — TABLED again for further study by the league
  • 13. Using stadium video feed for replay (NE) — TABLED for further study by the league
  • 14. PAT kicks snap from 15 (NE) — TABLED for consideration at May spring meeting
  • 15. 3-point conversion proposal (IND) — WITHDRAWN
  • 16. Prohibit pushing into the line on a punt formation (BAL) — PASSED
  • 17. Each team gets possession in OT (CHI) — FAILED
  • 18. Peel-back blocks illegal by tight ends (MIA) — PASSED
  • 19. Receiver is defenseless immediately following an interception (CC) — PASSED
  • 20. Dead-ball unsportsmanlike/taunting carries to 2nd half kickoff (CC) — PASSED
  • 21. Chop block exception for H-back removed (CC) — PASSED
  • 22. Linebackers can be numbered 40-49 (CC) — PASSED
  • 23. Players reporting ineligible must be in tight formation (CC) — PASSED

Bylaws proposals


  • Allow for independent ATC spotters (certified athletic trainers) to call a medical timeout if player is exhibiting concussion symptoms (CC) — PASSED
  • Allow for a retractable roof to open at halftime if weather conditions improve — PASSED for one year only

Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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