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Conference Championship liveblog: Colts at Patriots


2014 AFC Championship

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Colts-Patriots Conference Championship game from CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

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Today’s crew his headed by Walt Anderson.

Yrs 2014  crew College Occupation
R 66 Walt Anderson 19 Texas college officiating coordinator, retired dentist
U 124 Carl Paganelli 15 Torbert Michigan State retired federal probation officer
HL 36 Tony Veteri 23 Blakeman Manhattan College physical education teacher
LJ 32 Jeff Bergman 23 Triplette Robert Morris president and chief executive officer, medical services
FJ 60 Gary Cavaletto 12 Corrente Hancock general manager, agricultural operations
SJ 78 Greg Meyer 13 Anderson Texas Christian banker
BJ 61 Keith Ferguson 15 Leavy San Jose State sales
  • Replay official: Charles Stewart
  • Replay assistant: Jimmy Oldham
  • Alternates: R Clete Blakeman, FJ Dyrol Prioleau, BJ Greg Yette
  • Supervisor: Johnny Grier
  • Observer: Al Riveron
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5 thoughts on “Conference Championship liveblog: Colts at Patriots

  1. Was not roughing the passer against Indy befire the half. Because it was Brady, it was called. Inconsistency again….

  2. Not roughing the passer in the 3rd quarter either. Guess only 1 QB on this field gets that call.

  3. Should that have been a interference call on Josh Cribb’s muffed fair catch in the 1st qtr?
    The muffed fair catch rule says:
    “Item 3: Muff. After a valid fair-catch signal, the opportunity to catch a kick does not end if the ball is
    muffed. The player who signaled for a fair catch must have a reasonable opportunity to catch the
    muffed ball before it hits the ground without interference by members of the kicking team, and
    regardless of whether the ball strikes another player or an official. ”

    The ball never hit the ground, the defensive player caught the ball in the air.

    The same thing happened in the Texans Titans game in 2009 and the Titans were flagged for interference.

  4. I get tired of that- if it’s roughing then call it all the time not do boarderline and phantom calls for certain all star QB’s.

  5. The officials handle the balls a lot during the game. Did any of the balls feel a bit deflated?

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