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Conference Championship liveblog: Packers at Seahawks


2014 NFC Championship

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Packers-Seahawks Conference Championship game from CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

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Today’s crew his headed by Tony Corrente.

Yrs 2014  crew College Occupation
R 99 Tony Corrente 20 Cal State-Fullerton college officiating coordinator
U 64 Dan Ferrell 12 Corrente Cal State-Fullerton director, parts logistics and supply chain management
HL 79 Kent Payne 11 Cheffers Nebraska Wesleyan teacher
LJ 101 Carl Johnson 11 Morelli Nicholls State full-time official
FJ 89 Jon Lucivansky 6 Parry Minnesota college educator
SJ 75 Rob Vernatchi 11 Morelli California-Riverside enforcement investigator
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 9 Steratore Aquinas College educator
  • Replay official: Paul Weidner
  • Replay assistant: Jim Grant
  • Alternates: R Walt Coleman, U Bruce Stritesky, SJ Keith Washington
  • Supervisor: Garth DeFelice
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5 thoughts on “Conference Championship liveblog: Packers at Seahawks

  1. Wasn’t a “blind side block” (shoulder blow to head) to Wilson on interception. I’m OK with Refs protecting QBs IF QBs stay out of the Big Boys games. FB is a collision sport………………..

  2. Blown call. Wilson sacked. Then late hit (if it wasn’t ruled a late hit they got it wrong.) Should have backed Seattle up another 15 yards. Next play Seattle gets a huge first down. Wow how did they miss this?

  3. Technically, GB caught a bit of break on A. Rodgers’ touchdown pass to R. Cobb. On the play, just after SEA-93 (O. Schofield) went into the neutral zone and beyond, GB-75 (B. Bulaga) reacted, starting to back up and pointing toward SEA-93 a fraction of a second before the snap. Since GB-75 was within the proper distance from SEA-93 and his movement would otherwise have been a False Start had SEA-93 not crossed into (and beyond) the neutral zone, the most correct call would have been Neutral Zone Infraction against SEA, not Offside, which would have caused the play to immediately be blown dead and (depending on the exact spot/measurement) either been 2nd-and-1 or (more likely) 1st-and-Goal for GB from the SEA 8-yard-line, rather than a free play which resulted in a touchdown. Admittedly, it is close, but GB-75 does move before the snap.

    Not that it affected the game, but in addition to NZI vs. Offside, the penalty against SEA was incorrectly called against SEA-72 (M. Bennett) rather than SEA-93 in real time. It remains SEA-72 in the official game logs.

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