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Quick calls: Week 16

week16You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.

Some of the more interesting calls we will pose to the Football Zebras Roundtable for expert analysis during the week.


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11 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 16

  1. IND at KC end of 2nd quarter, booth review of incomplete pass should have resulted in a catch & fumble, but official ruled the call stands.

  2. Patriots at Ravens 8:22 2nd quarter, Ron winter and crew call defensive holding. AFTER announcing the penalty the officials gather to discuss the call then pick up the flag. Aren’t they supposed to sort everything out before making the announcement?

  3. 4th quarter cowboys-redskins. Defensive player for redskins takes off helmet, official throws flag then announces it is a non foul. I’m confused on that one.

  4. Patriots at Ravens 11:41 in 4th. Again the officials call a penalty and then change their mind after making the announcement. This time Ravens 74 (Oher) was called for false start and play blown dead. After making the announcement Ron Winter and crew confer and decide the patriots defensive player jumped first.

  5. Bears would have been shut out in the first half but for a wrong spot (and therefore incorrect 1st down) at the very end…

  6. Why is no one talking about Manning’s record tying pass to Decker? He bobbled the ball twice and didn’t get 1 foot in bounds once he fully possessed the ball. I figured there would be outrage over it … I’ve found nothing. Because it was a scoring play it had to be reviewed and it stood. I saw one bobble in live speed so how did they miss it in replay???

  7. Brutal officiating in Packer/ Steeler game.

    The Steelers clearly possessed the ball when they ball was pitched back.

    On the false start penalty on the last drive, why did they not reset the clock to 24 seconds when the whistle blew and then take the 10 seconds run-off? Effectively, they let the play run out and then took the 10 seconds. On a false start, shouldn’t the clock have been reset to the time of the penalty?

  8. Cowboys/Redskins 3rd and goal near end of game:
    After the Murray loss, ball was spotted at the 10 instead of the 12 where he went down. 2 yards on 4th and Goal is huge. Spot of the ball is not reviewable since it was not relative to first down or goal line.

    Same play, officials picked up a flag for defender removing his helmet. Murray was down at 1:45 and clock stopped at 1:42 for penalty discussion. Cowboys timeout/4th down should have been at 1:05 after 40 second play clock. Instead Dallas was only given a 25 second play clock and took timeout at 1:16.

    Per Rule 4 Section 5 Article 5, the play clock should have been stopped for officials conference and then resumed where it was (not reset to 25). Net result is Redskins gain 11 seconds for their final drive.

  9. I agree with Marks’s comment on Eric Decker’s reception of Manning’s 50th TD pass. I’ve been wondering the same thing. How was it, that Hochuli let the play stand as called? The non-reversal was one of the most blatantly bad calls of the day.

  10. I agree with Brian, the helmet coming off distracted the refs and the ball was spotted egregiously at the 10 instead of the 12 or thirteen in the Redskins Cowboys big play. Murray only got in to the end zone by 1 yard. Huge play and no announcer or sports outlet has mentioned it. Any comment zebras?

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