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Quick calls: Week 12

Did you see a call that needs explanation? Did the officials get something wrong? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. We will update this post with our observations.


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5 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 12

  1. Wondering who is on the officiating crew for the Atlanta Falcons game today? I know that the referee is Triplette, but who are the other crew members?

  2. Could you explain why Tony Corrente took 10 minutes to review the Ravens 4th and 29 conversion by Ray Rice in the 4th quarter? He delayed the game by 10 minutes to review the play. The worst part was there was no clear eveidence where the ball should be spotted because neither a yard mark or the official chains could be seen in the replays that CBS showed the viewers.

  3. @Sergio Lattanzi. Gene Steratore had the game. From what I heard (I haven’t seen the video), the replay official called for a review of the spot. Steratore had to find some physical (not television graphic) demarcation to re-spot the ball, which apparently he did. Then, because the chains had moved, they had to be reset to the old position. There is a clip attached to the chain that marks exactly which link touched a 5-yard stripe, so they can place the chains exactly in the same place as before. (Like when a player goes out of bounds and the chain gang runs like hell — they put the sticks back in the same spot.) Because precision in resetting the chains was very important, I am sure this took time. And then they measured for the first down.

    I would like to see the video to see how this transpired, because it would make a good breakdown of what the officials did and how they did it. But, from what I have heard, they did it carefully and correctly.

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