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Boom! NFL names Madden special adviser to commish



John Madden
John Madden

John Madden’s retirement from broadcasting was short-lived. No, he’s not returning to the airwaves, but will work with the league in a consultant role.

The league announced today that Madden, the former CBS/Fox/ABC/NBC color commentator and Raiders coach, was appointed as an unpaid adviser with the league. In a statement released, Madden will have four duties in his position:

  • advise Commissioner Roger Goodell “on matters pertaining to the game, including competitive issues, coaching and personnel development, technological innovations, player safety, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”
  • discuss with a league executive about “multiple league-related issues”
  • chair the Coaches Subcommittee of the Competition Committee
  • participate in meetings of the General Managers Advisory Committee as well as conference calls with the commissioner’s office about issues from the previous week’s games.

While some have criticized Madden’s ability to convey complicated or obscure rules to the viewing public, his career focus on football is undeniably valuable. Factoring in his time since he was drafted by the Eagles in the 21st round (yes, 21st, and injured in training camp before playing) and his nine-year college coaching career, Madden has been drawing a football check for 50 years. While he always pines for the smashmouth era of football, he has adapted to the changes and new innovations that have come in that half-century.

From the press release, it sounds like Madden can essentially get involved in pretty much anything he wants. Or, Commissioner Gordon—er, Goodell—will just illuminate the secret Fatman distress signal as needed.

Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)