No momentum for big instant replay rule changes

In light of one of the most controversial judgement calls in recent playoff memory, fans, pundits, players, owners and coaches called for NFL instant replay to step in and correct judgement calls. Right now, the only judgement call instant replay can check is 12-men on the field. Instant replay cannot help

Competition committee focuses on safety, sportsmanship and replay

Embed from Getty Images   The NFL Competition Committee is considering having officials eject players for flagrant hits, cracking down on celebrations and taking the next step in instant replay technology. The committee met last week to consider modifying rules to improve the game.  If the Competition Committee recommends any rule changes, the owners

NFL experimenting with ‘smart footballs’ in preseason

Embed from Getty Images The NFL has always sought to make nearly every play both competitive for the players and exciting for the fans. When it comes to the kicking game, extra point kicks have been moved back to reduce the accuracy percentage from the high 99s. Embracing new technology in

Simplifying complex enforcements: Breaking down Proposal No. 13

2014 rule changes The Competition Committee offered up a proposal that received little discussion, and was explained by committee member Jeff Fisher in a fairly obscure manner: Basically, this Proposal Number 13 is going to simplify everything; clean it all up, make sure we don’t have any issues. [The officials] have a

Will NFL block extra-point kicks?

Commissioner suggests removing 1-pt play NFL commissioner Roger Goodell floated a big trial balloon earlier this week when he said the NFL may consider abolishing the extra point, saying the kick is "almost automatic" and further adding that he wishes to "add excitement with every play."  Goodell proposes that a touchdown