3 officials making a conference championship debut; another continues a long streak

Three officials are making their conference championship debuts this weekend. And, another official continues a long playoff streak. First conference championship assignments Three officials are making their conference championship debuts - Jimmy Buchanan, Ramon George (pictured above) and Barry Anderson. Anderson has worked 10 playoff games, including Super Bowl LIV last year. But,

5 officiating observations from the divisional playoffs

The divisional playoff weekend featured two ho-hum games on Saturday and two intense games on Sunday. No matter the game, all four crews did a very nice job. Here are some officiating observations from the divisional weekend. 1. Great to see Clay Martin Martin was hospitalized a few weeks ago after going on

More first-time officials in the playoffs this weekend

Last week, 10 officials officiated their first-ever playoff game. Senior vice president of officiating training and development, Walt Anderson, has assigned three more officials to their first career playoff game and one referee is calling his first playoff game as a white hat. Also, two officials are making a return to the

6 officiating observations from Super Wild Card weekend

Six football games in 48 - hours! Whew! The games start to blend together. Here are some officiating observations and notes from this weekend. 1. Two alternates The last time an alternate came in to work was in 2007, due to an injury. This week we had two alternates start the game --

There are 10 first-time playoff officials on the field this weekend

10 NFL officials are calling their first ever playoff game on the field this weekend. Three of those officials have a playoff game in their first year eligible for the postseason. The following officials are working on the field for the first time. In parentheses are prior alternate or Pro Bowl