Mechanics or communication? Something broke on the MNF blocked field goal

Week 14: Vikings at Seahawks Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner blocked a Minnesota Vikings field goal in the second half of their game Monday night, with the game still in the balance. That play swung momentum to the Seahawks, and they never relinquished it. Problem is, Wagner fouled on the play and

NFL must start suspending players and coaches for postgame confrontations with officials

The current NFL rule/fine structure that punishes players and coaches from accosting officials do nothing, and it is time for the NFL to start suspending players and coaches who make it a point to berate officials after the game. There were two high-profile incidents this weekend where players made it a

Pass interference no-call mars end of Pac-12 championship game

On a day the Pac-12 conference needed a clean football championship game, they got to within 27 seconds of achieving that goal. But, Washington's 10 - 3 victory over Utah Friday night was partly upstaged by a pass interference non call as Utah was driving for the game-tying touchdown. Utah turned

Did a parent influence an Illinois high school crew? Booster club alleges so in a lawsuit

The booster club for Simeon High School is suing the Illinois High School Association accusing the parent of another team, who is a football referee, of unduly influencing the outcome of the game by swaying the officiating crew to make calls against Simeon. The story appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Nazareth