USFL will decide overtime in a 2-point shootout

While the NFL grapples with potential modifications to the sometimes-sudden-death overtime format, the USFL will guarantee equal possessions in a shootout format. In the overtime, both teams will alternate for three plays each from the 2-yard line for an attempt to score a 2-point conversion. If one team leads after each

2 NFL rules proposals announced to address overtime

Prior to the NFL Combine, and while the only thing making news is a keyboard jockey's mock trade or mock draft, the Competition Committee meets to conduct its annual review. They conduct extensive video study of recently enacted rules and player-safety concerns as well as review proposed rules submitted from

Officiating crews for the 2022 USFL season

Spring football is on the agenda again in 2022 as the USFL makes its comeback -- if in name only -- on April 16. Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crews for the league's reprise. The USFL uses the NFL's 7-person mechanics and has 33 officials from Football Bowl Subdivision

Is the NFL preparing for an officiating leadership shakeup?

There is a widespread belief that the NFL is preparing to shake up the officiating leadership this offseason. Officiating, in general, has been struggling in various ways in recent seasons, and it appears the league is prepared to make some moves in the front office. Several sources have indicated that Walt

Special rules in place for the 2022 Pro Bowl

The NFL has furnished Football Zebras with the rules modifications in place for the Pro Bowl. For player safety and exhibition purposes, there are restrictions on formations, pass coverage, and rushing the quarterback or kicker. In addition, there are some rules and procedures in place to test for a possible

College all-star games are used as an NFL officiating pipeline

Since the termination of NFL Europe in 2007, the NFL lacked a way to evaluate prospective officials. That all changed in 2013 with the creation of the development program. Officials in this program typically officiate games during the NFL preseason and then return to their respective collegiate conferences for the

Schedule for the 2021 NFL playoffs

Here are the kickoff times and dates for the NFL 2021–22 postseason games. All times are Eastern. Referee assignments will be posted when available, and will be linked to the liveblog after the games are played. Starting this season, there is a Wild Card Playoff game on Monday night. Also, only