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Officiating crews for the 2022 USFL season

Spring football is on the agenda again in 2022 as the USFL makes its comeback — if in name only — on April 16. Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crews for the league’s reprise. The USFL uses the NFL’s 7-person mechanics and has 33 officials from Football Bowl Subdivision conferences on five crews.

Mike Pereira is the head of USFL officiating, a position he had in the NFL from 2001 to 2009. Ron Baynes, a wing official in the NFL from 1987 to 2000, is the officiating supervisor. Steve Strimling, a Pac-12 referee, is the officiating coordinator, a position he had with the Alliance of American Football and the XFL.

Most of the officials have been scouted by the NFL under its Officiating Development Program, but the league had no formal role in the USFL staffing process. The USFL officiating staff includes four women.

For the first season, eight teams with legacy names to the original USFL will compete. Despite having geographical names, only one team will actually play a home game, as all games will be played in Birmingham, Ala., for at least the first season, with the plan to play in the home cities in 2023.

Officials are listed by their position and uniform number, their current college conference, and seasons worked in an NFL development program. Assignments for last season’s bowl games and conference championships are listed. The ODP seasons are listed, which are the preseason programs except where a different development program is noted. The 2022 ODP has not yet been announced.

      Conference Seasons in ODP 2021 Bowls / Other Pro Experience
R 72 Bryan Banks Big Ten 2020-21, 2022* LA Bowl (as CJ)
U 65 Francisco Villar Pac-12 2020-21, 2022* Cotton Bowl 🅰️❎
DJ 67 Derek Anderson Big 12 2020-21, 2022* Armed Forces Bowl (as R)
LJ 42 Tangela Mitchell-Ross SWAC 2021
FJ 56 Jason Ledet Big 12 2019-2021 Orange Bowl
SJ 88 Raymond Daniel Big Ten 2018-21, 2022*  
BJ 13 Martin Hankins SEC 2018-21, 2022* Rose Bowl
      Conference Seasons in ODP 2021 Bowls / Other Pro Experience
R 10 James Carter SEC 2017-18, 2019*, 2020-21 First Responders Bowl 🅰️❎
U 3 Brandon Cruse Big 12 2018-21, 2022* Big 12 Championship Game (as R) (🅰️❎ as R)
DJ 47 Robin DeLorenzo Big Ten 2017-21, 2022* Fiesta Bowl (as LJ) (🅰️❎ as LJ)
LJ 21 Max Causey Pac-12 2018-21, 2022* Cotton Bowl (as SJ) (🅰️❎as SJ)
FJ 29 Jimmy DeBell Conference USA 2007🇪🇺 NFL side judge 2009-14 (🅰️❎ as BJ)
SJ 9 Tuta Salaam Big 12 2020-21, 2022* Outback Bowl (as R)
BJ 24 Tra Boger SEC 2019-21, 2022* Peach Bowl
      Conference Seasons in ODP 2021 Bowls / Other Pro Experience
R 22 Duane Heydt ACC 2019-21 National Championship Game
U 4 Amanda Sauer Big Ten 2017 🅰️❎
DJ 62 Cravone Barrett Pac-12 2018-21 Cotton Bowl (as LJ) 🅰️❎
LJ 58 Walter Flowers SEC   SEC Championship Game
FJ 8 Glen Fucik SEC 2018-21, 2022* Fenway Bowl§ 🅰️❎
SJ 98 Frank Steratore Big Ten 2016-21 Fiesta Bowl 🅰️❎
BJ 11 Tyree Walton Big 12 2020, 2021* 🅰️❎
      Conference Seasons in ODP 2021 Bowls / Other Pro Experience
R 49 Alex Moore SEC 2020, 2021* Fenway Bowl§
U 50 Mike Morton ACC 2014, 2015-17, 2018, 2020-21 ACC Championship Game 🅰️❎
DJ 85 Dale Keller Pac-12 2020-21 Pac-12 Championship Game, Cheez-It Bowl (both as LJ) 🅰️❎
LJ 17 Brett Bergman Big Ten   Duke’s Mayo Bowl 🅰️❎
FJ 99 Lo Van Pham Big 12 2018-20, 2021-22* Mountain West Championship Game (as SJ), Holiday Bowl§ 🅰️❎
SJ 73 Justin Larrew SEC 2016-17, 2018*, 2020-21 SEC Championship Game 🅰️❎
BJ 81 Jacques Hooper ACC 2018-2021, 2022* ACC Championship Game
      Conference Seasons in ODP 2021 Bowls/Other Pro Exp
R 19 Larry Smith Big Ten 2016, 2020*, 2021 Sun Bowl (🅰️❎ as CJ)
U 27 Adam Savoie American Athletic 2017-20 National Championship Game (as CJ) (🅰️❎ as CJ)
DJ 6 Ryan Hagan SEC   Rose Bowl
LJ 2 Quentin Givens Big 12 2015-17, 2020-21 Armed Forces Bowl 🅰️❎
FJ 80 Daniel Gautreaux SEC 2017, 2020-21 SEC Championship Game 🅰️❎
SJ 5 LaShell Nelson Big Ten 2016-18, 2019🇨🇦, 2020, 2021* Duke’s Mayo Bowl ❎
BJ 37 Joe Johnston Pac-12 2017, 2018*, 2019-21, 2022* Birmingham Bowl ❎
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Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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