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2019 Fiesta Bowl playoff semifinal liveblog

We are covering the Fiesta Bowl, the semifinal playoff game between 3Clemson and 2Ohio State. Today’s crew is from the SEC.

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8 thoughts on “2019 Fiesta Bowl playoff semifinal liveblog

  1. How does Ken Williamson and crew sleep
    Tonight? Absolutely pathetic officiating and the replay crew should be banned for life

  2. Ken William’s is a piece of shit along with that whole sec officiating crew. anyone who watched this game doesnt think so they are crazy. hopefully he has bad luck in his life for the rest of his days. refs on the take with the sec and espn.

  3. Agreed. SEC hates the big 10. ESPN is Clemson biased. The refs in tonight’s game sucked dick.

  4. Damn anon and shawn. Or probably one in the same. Lost a little money on the game did ya? Your team didn’t win. Poor thing. Obviously have no clue about officiating. Looks like your the piece of shit. Go buy a clue and get informed. Dickwad.

  5. No these refs in the booth obviously got a call from lsu stating that we have no hope against ohio state. Make up excuses so we can trounce clemson in the title game. None of them deserve to be considered for the professional level

  6. This site is a joke. Even when the call is incorrect the site moderator attempts to justify the call. Time element, give me a break!

  7. Who was the replay official for the fiesta bowl, step up and explain your call on the overturned fumble and return. BTW, Blandino said you kicked that call. So you let Kenny face the media and take your heat? Shameful.

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