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Odell Beckham Jr complains about crew’s ‘past history’

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took exception to the officiating crew from Sunday’s game against the Steelers, after complaining to one of the officials about an offensive pass interference call.

I went up to ask him what was going on, what was the flag, and he said, “Get out my face.” Like I said, you just have to keep it moving.

This was a first-quarter play where Beckham made contact with Steelers cornerback Ross Cockrell, who also made contact with Beckham. Since Cockrell stumbled slightly, it appears that field judge Rick Patterson reasonably ascribed the contact to the separation Beckham gained between him and Cockrell. Patterson’s side of the story is missing (and he’s prohibited from talking to the media), but there does seem to be a lot of detail glossed over.

Beckham also indicated that he’s familiar with this crew and hopes they will get assigned elsewhere:

I don’t know. I don’t really think we should have this crew anymore when the Giants are playing, with the past history and everything that has gone on.

The history Beckham speaks of calls back to the game at home against Washington. Terry McAulay’s crew was assigned to the game, however referee John Hussey filled in for McAulay who was recovering from an illness. The crew set the tone early, and even ejected Giants center Weston Richburg for a couple of routine unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, but fell under the league’s new disqualification rule.

Hussey was also aware of Beckham’s previous entanglements with cornerback Josh Norman, who was now playing for Washington. Hussey gave both players (separately) stern notice that little would be tolerated in this game. As for the “past history” with this crew, it was last season’s matchup with Norman where Beckham somehow avoided ejection, while the  crew were chastised for not ejecting. Although McAulay was the referee that day, only his line judge and side judge are on the crew this season.

McAulay’s crew cannot be assigned to another regular season game with the Giants this year, as they have had the maximum of two assignments. This does not preclude any of the crew members from being assigned to a Giants playoff game, although it is safe to assume that Patterson, at least, would be scheduled  elsewhere if that was a possibility.

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  1. Oh the refs are biased against the Giants, huh? I guess that’s why the Giants only drew 4 flags for 24 yards, compared to the Steelers’ 12 penalties for 115 yards. Yep, that makes a ton of sense.

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