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Rules proposal scorecard: Which new NFL rules were passed for 2016?

owners-mtg-2015 Below are the proposals under consideration by the owners at the 2016 Owners Meeting, shown with the disposition of each proposal.

Rule proposals

Rules proposals are shown by the team that made the proposal, or CC for a Competition Committee proposal.

  1. Make 2015 extra-point rules and distances permanent (CC) –  PASSED
  2. Allow a press-box-based coach to be designated for  coach—player communication system (CC) –  PASSED
  3. All chop blocks illegal (CC) –  PASSED
  4. For certain unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, eject on 2nd offense (CC) –  PASSED for 2016 season only
  5. Touchback line after kickoffs to the 25-yd line (CC) — PASSED for 2016 season only
  6. Require eligible and ineligible reporting players to wear pinnies (BAL) — FAILED
  7. Increase challenges to 3, challenge after 2:00 & OT, and make all plays challengeable with exceptions (BAL) — TABLED for consideration by the Competition Committee to refine in May (see below)
  8. Challenge any decision except for scoring plays and turnovers (BUF) — FAILED
  9. Remove “realistic chance of completion” definition from intentional grounding rules (CAR) — FAILED
  10. Adjust first-down distance  if offense is assessed a half-distance foul >5 yards (KC) — WITHDRAWN
  11. Forward passes illegal for players who have  touched the ground earlier in the down  (KC) –  WITHDRAWN
  12. Third challenge earned when 1 is successful (MIN) — FAILED
  13. No overtime in preseason (WAS) — WITHDRAWN
  14. Personal fouls reviewable (WAS) — FAILED
  15. Increase challenges to 3 (WAS) — FAILED
  16. Horse-collar tackles include grabbing the name plate on the jersey (CC) –  PASSED
  17. Charge a delay of game if officials erroneously grant 4th or 2 consecutive timeouts (CC) –  PASSED
  18. Illegal touching of pass due to out-of-bounds player is  penalized as if incomplete, loss of down (CC) –  PASSED
  19. Double fouls after change of possession offset at spot of change, removing options (CC) –  PASSED

Bylaws proposals

  1. Increase Active List to 48 players (AZ) –  TABLED
  2. Increase Active List to 49 players for short-week or international  games (WAS) –  TABLED
  3. Eliminate the 75 player roster cutdown (WAS) –  TABLED
  4. Create an Exemption List/Concussion designation  (WAS) –  TABLED
  5. Shorten the window from 6 to 3 games before team may  re-sign player who has injury settlement (MIN) — PASSED
  6. Extend  Tuesday roster/salary adjustment deadline for Monday night teams (BUF) –  TABLED
  7. Allow return from Injured Reserve to be exercised on player’s return, instead of declaring when listed  (BUF) –  TABLED
  8. Permit non-FBS conferences to hold Pro Days (CC) — TABLED
  9. Players on any  Reserve list for minor injuries must be terminated or exposed to waivers (CC) — PASSED
  10. Teams may use video on sideline tablets for coaching purposes, instead of just still images (CC) — TABLED for consideration in May due to competitive concerns

Policy proposal

  1. Make the ability to open or close retractable roof at halftime a permanent policy (IND) — FAILED; 2015 policy change, in effect for one season, is rescinded

Miscellaneous proposals

  1. Institute an 8th official, effective in the 2017 season (CC) — presented as a recommendation, not as a proposal; no action taken
  2. Require officials to be full time (AZ) — No actionable proposal
  3. Funding for health and safety research — PASSED
  4. International games to be expanded to China in 2018, with the Rams designated the home team — PASSED; multiple teams are interested according to the commissioner
  5. L.A. Rams to be featured on HBO documentary series Hard KnocksPASSED
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