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Football Zebras > News > Competition Committee announces new rules proposals [live updates]

Competition Committee announces new rules proposals [live updates]


Liveblog coverage of the announcement of the new rules proposals to be voted on at next week’s owners meetings.

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5 thoughts on “Competition Committee announces new rules proposals [live updates]

  1. touchback to the 25 after a kickoff–my guess it’s to protect players by making it more attractive to take a touchback than try to run the ball out of the endzone

  2. I’m digging my referee avatar, BTW — and I am a white guy with short brown hair, but if I weren’t, how would I select gender and ethnicity? 🙂

  3. BTW, Alan, that is an excellent point about the touchback line. It would make sense that it doesn’t apply on a punt or turnover, because the injury factors are just not the same.

    I’m sure that the CC will have numbers to back that up. Should be an easy sell if there is a player-safety angle.

  4. So let me get this straight…. After the game the NFL rules that Martavius Bryant’s TD catch wasn’t a catch in the Bengals/Steelers playoff game.
    Adam Jones contact with the ref was incidental.
    Porter should not have been on the field and……
    Now upon further review Ryan Shazier hit will be a foul because it should have already been a foul.
    So basically #NFL you are admitting the refs gave the game to the Steelers. Right?

    For the record…It’s also the third time since 2006 a rule has been tweaked because of a Bengal getting hurt by a Steelers player.

    Can you blame the Bengals for being bitter?

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