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Photo album: Super Bowls past



In honor of the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl, here are photos from Super Bowls past – courtesy of Getty Images.


Terry McAulay, Super Bowl XXXIX.

Jerry Seeman, Super Bowl XXIII.

Scott Green, Super Bowl XLIV.

Roy Ellison and Derek Bowers, Super Bowl XLIII.

Terry McAulay, Super Bowl XLIII.

McAulay makes the call to the dismay of the Cardinals, Super Bowl XLIII.

Line judge Ron Baynes, Super Bowl XXIX.

Head linesman Steve Stelljes, Super Bowl XLVII.

Head linesman Mark Hittner hears it from John Fox, Super Bowl XXXVII.

Jerry Seeman keeps the peace, Super Bowl XXV.

Officials ready for the coin toss, Super Bowl XLI (note the brace on the nearest official).

Terry McAulay breaks it up, Super Bowl XLIII.

Field judge (then called back judge) Al Jury, Super Bowl XXIV.

Field judge Tom Sifferman mediates a Super Bowl XXXVII disagreement.

Back judge Al Jury and field judge Jack Vaughn, Super Bowl XX.

(L-R) Referee Ben Dreith, umpire Ralph Morcroft and field judge Fritz Graf, Super Bowl VIII.

Referee Gerald Austin, Super Bowl XXXV.

Field judge Gary Cavaletto gets a familiar pose from Giants coach Tom Coughlin, Super Bowl XLVI.

Umpire Garth DeFelice, Super Bowl XL.

Line judge Mark Perlman, Super Bowl XL.

Referee Bill Leavy, Super Bowl XL.

Tony Veteri, Sr., Super Bowl XII.

Side judge Bob Rice (L) and head linesman Dale Williams in Super Bowl XX. Bob’s son, Jeff Rice officiates his third Super Bowl this Sunday.

Side judge Bill Quimby, Super Bowl XIX.

Umpire George Young ducks out of the way of a pass in Super Bowl I.

Fred Swearingen calls pass interference on the Cowboys’ Benny Barnes, Super Bowl XIII.

Pat Haggerty, Super Bowl XIX.

Jerry Markbreit signals a safety, Super Bowl XXI.

Lawrence Taylor talks to alternate Hendi Ancich, Super Bowl XXI.

Umpire Art Demmas breaks it up, Super Bowl XXV.

Crew conference, Super Bowl XLIX.

Referee John McDonough, Super Bowl IV.

Super Bowl XLI coin toss.

The Super Bowl XL crew takes the field.

Mike Carey and the Super Bowl XLII crew take the field.

Back judge Don Carey calls a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVII

Terry McAulay, Mark Steinkirchner, Carl Paganelli and alternate Ed Hochuli pose with former President Bill Clinton and Commissioner Paul Tagliabue at Super Bowl XXXIX.

Doug Rosenbaum, Super Bowl XLV.

Bernie Kukar and former President George H.W. Bush watch Roger Staubach toss the coin at Super Bowl XXXVI.

Super Bowl XI crew L-R – Jim Tunney, Lou Palazzi, Ed Marion, Bill Swanson, Tom Kelleher, Armen Terzain and alternates Gene Barth and Pat Harder.


Super Bowl XVII crew L-R: Supervisor Art McNally, Dave Parry, Bill Reynolds, Don Orr, Dick Hantak, Art Demmas, Jerry Markbreit, Dale Hamer, Burl Toler (alt), Bob McElwee (alt), assistant supervisor Jack Reader and assistant supervisor Nick Skorich.

Super Bowl XV crew sitting clockwise: Frank Sinkovitz, Tony Veteri, Sr., Tom Kelleher, Fritz Graf, Tom Dooley, Dean Look and Ben Dreith. Standing are alternates John Keck and Dick Jorgensen.

Super Bowl XIX officiating crew L-R: Supervisor Art McNally, Pat Haggerty, Tom Hensley, Leo Miles, Ray Dodez, Tom Kelleher, Bill Quimby, Bob Lewis, Jerry Markbreit (alt) and Bob Boylston (alt).

One of Jerry Markbreit’s four Super Bowl rings.

Mark Schultz is a high school football official, freelance writer and journalist. He first became interested in officiating when he was six years old, was watching a NFL game with his father and asked the fateful question, "Dad, what are those guys in the striped shirts doing?"