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Quick calls: Week 7

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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19 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 7

  1. What the hell was up with that pass interference call against buffalo on the 3rd and 15 play that was followed by the winning touchdown. He was definitely making a play on the ball

  2. NFL is turning into the NBA, too many BS calls. Referee who made that call should be suspended at a minimum. NFL is turning into a joke with respect to referees, they make they are definitely deciding the outcomes of the games, when that starts happening you have a problem. You guys stole one from the Bills this week, what a shame to see a team come back like they did only to have the outcome decided by the referees.

  3. Once again- Tripette’s crew blew it. With TB up 24-21, offensive PI was just called against TB when NO contact was made. How do these guys still have jobs in the NFL? It’s always something with his crew.

  4. Dave: Believe it or not, they got that call correct. Breaking it down, the defender turns to look for the ball. Good. Now, both players have equal rights to the ball. The receiver then, with his left arm, hooks the defender’s right arm, and as he secures/clamps down on the defender’s left arm, he uses this leverage to pull the defender down towards the ground. This is the material restriction an official must see, in order the throw the flag. Then, we observe the receiver’s right arm slightly push the defender. This second act, by itself is a big nothing. However, the clamp down on the arm and drag down towards the ground is what freed up the receiver to make the catch. Easy call, and absolutely correct call. More often than not, these guys make correct calls. However, the percentage of mistakes, on a whole, by these “elite” officials is simply unacceptable for any industry. Unfortunately, nothing will ever be done about it because the union in conjunction with the league does not hold the officials accountable. Now, fast forward to the Chargers/Raiders game for a textbook example of a blown call – OPI called which was non-existent. #13 of the Chargers runs an out/timing pattern in the EZ. As the receiver breaks and turns out, there is incidental contact between the defender and receiver. Absolutely no material restriction AT ALL. Although the defender falls down, he does so on his own volition (contrary to the Bucs call discussed above where the defender was pulled down) In fact, as the announcers said, “13 made a highlight reel TD catch.” He certainly did. This was a huge blown call. The real effect however? This should have been a Charger TD with 32 seconds left, to make it a one score game. If the Chargers made a successful onside kick? They get the ball back with about 27 seconds left in the game. That is enough time, from inside the 50, for a team to get off 3 perhaps 4 plays, and a potential tying touchdown. Because the official blew the call, the Chargers did not score until there were 6 seconds left. Not enough time to do anything after the onside kick. A properly trained high school official would not have thrown this flag. The official here did not see the whole play. All he saw was the defender slip, and then incorrectly assumed the fall was caused by the receiver. Nothing could be further from the truth. The defender simply slipped as he tried to stop his retreat and make a play. No OPI whatsoever. Now, here comes the kicker. You know how nepotism and cronyism has dramatically weakened this officiating staff? Guys (and now gals) getting pulled up when they have no business working this level? Guess who threw the flag on this play? #87 WC Jr. Who is his daddy? #65. Let the nonsense continue…..

  5. Crusty Retired Vet, after reading your analysis, I’m now more certain that Jeff Triplette and company were WRONG. Only you would moan week after week about officials being wrong when they’re actually right and then have the gall to defend them when they actually are wrong. Your weekly rants give good lols, so at least there’s some reason to keep posting…even though your officiating points are cynical and outdated.

  6. Anon,
    Would you like to actually state why Triplettes crew was in error or are you just moaning back ?

  7. Last year, when a PATRIOTS* player was lined up illegally on the last play of the Jets-Pats* game, an official literally pushed the player back into position rather than throw a flag. When it’s not the Pats*, out comes the laundry. But when New England* does it, Blandino says “Preventative officiating is the accepted mechanic.”

  8. Seahawks at 49ers (Thursday), was curious about a no-call on what appeared to be a running into a kick receiver after a fair catch by a Seahawk player. This was with about 5 min left in the 4th quarter. There was a separate personal foul called on the 49ers on the play, but I never saw an explanation for either the call or the no-call.

  9. Anyone else notice the punt that went out of bounds on the SJ side at the 11 (HIT IN THE WHITE!) and the SJ marked it out at the 16!

  10. Anon? You have no idea what you are talking about. Read the analysis, it is spot on. I acknowledge you do not possess even the most basic officiating knowledge, but for those officials (or former officials) who actually post here? When viewing the plays on video they will have no choice but to accept my frame by frame analysis of these two OPI calls. The call in the Bucs game by Triplette’s crew was correct. Did you bother to look at the play? It unfolded exactly as I analyzed it. You may continue to malign my posts, but anyone with some modicum of officiating sense will acknowledge I am correct. Triplette’s crew called OPI and that was a correct call. WCJr called OPI and that was an incorrect call. Two very simple plays to analyze, actually. I am not sure why you don’t understand this, other than you just like to complain about my expert analysis and factual commentary…or as you call it, moaning. I deal with facts. If you call that moaning? So be it. I do not name call, but I will add that your ignorance of officiating is rather amusing.

  11. You’re really a piece of work aren’t ya Crusty? You’re wrong. Deal with it.
    Also, stop with your cynicism; I’d take you a lot more seriously (and that is no lie; I truly mean it) if you were simply nice…which you clearly are incapable of being, you bitter bitter being.

  12. I suggest you go look up the definition of cynicism. Again, I deal in facts. There is no bitterness nor is there niceness mixed in. As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.” You can enjoy my expert analysis for what it is. Expert analysis of officiating calls. Or move on to read some other posts.

  13. TB vs Washington 16 penalties on Tampa, only 4 on Washington (all pre snap) seemed that Tripletts crew was a little biased when throwing the yellow hanky a lot of judgement calls against Tampa (some legit) where were the flags on Washington? There was holding on plenty of plays which got no response from the officials, does our head coach need to be more aggressive and yell at these fools or should we just accept the same fate other bad teams do and let them keep piling calls on us and letting the other team slide?

  14. Well then I refuse to take your views seriously CRV. I’ll continue to read your posts just to see how much you moan throughout the year & will respond in kind. Please try and be nicer next time. Have a day (I’d say nice, but it’s you.)

  15. Patrick – also note the Pats get away with a lot of defensive holding on the opposing recievers. I see it a few times last week with Vinovich’s crew working that game.

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