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Quick calls: Week 5

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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10 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 5

  1. Two IDENTICAL plays . Horse collar by Titans and not horse collar by bills ! EXACTLY SAME PLAY !!! What made one a horse collar and the other not ? Was is which team had the ball. I know it couldn’t be the referees had money on the game.

  2. That is obviously not the case. Don’t know where in the game the no-call on the horse collar was, so I can’t comment on that

  3. The not-horse-collar by the Bills was shortly after the horse collar by the Titans. The difference is that the Titan grabbed Taylor right at the top of his jersey, whereas the Bills player grabbed lower on the jersey. That pulled the fabric so that it looked a lot like the horse collar.

    I’m not familiar enough with the mechanics of a horse collar to know why it’s more dangerous than pulling on the jersey from lower down would be, but that’s the difference that we saw in the replays during the game.

  4. Nothing on the 2nd Rams interception? A lot of Packers fans think the ball moved after it hit the ground, and should’ve been reversed.

  5. I was also here specifically to see if the Rams 2nd interception was touched on. Clear incompletion, in my opinion.

  6. Broncos vs Raiders. Worst officiating crew I’ve ever seen. Either didn’t know the rules or were more concerned about the Broncos not covering the spread. I counted nine defensive PI on the Raiders, one was called. The overturn of the raider fumble was ridiculous. Player caught the ball in the air, landed with first one foot, then the next, got hit, then fumbled. The replay confirmed that the ref got it right, then they reverse the call and give the ball back to the Raiders. Obvious pass interference on Sanders, hit 2 seconds before the ball arrived, no call. C.J. Anderson misses getting the third down by 2″, refs spot the ball 2 yards short. Kubiak challenges and even the announcers, who were very poor too, said it looked like he may have had the 1st down. Refs review and get it wrong by 2 yards, again. @ or 3 late hits out of bounds by the Raiders no calls. Broncos had 103 yds. in penalties, then Raiders should have had 300. They had 41. That ref crew should all be fired, even though they were doing what the league directed them to do. Shameful.

  7. 2 bad calls at SF v NYG:
    * Pass interference on NYG 21 (Collins) who not only was clearly making a play for the ball, he almost intercepted it.
    * Referee mistakes a hand signal NYG uses commonly (Manning pointing to his palm) as a timeout signal, refuses to acknowledge his error.

  8. We watched two games yesterday.. One was the Saints vs Eagles & Giants vs 49ers.. In the Saints game the ball is in the air & Cooks is being held all the way till the ball passes his head.. This is called holding.. In the Giants game the exact same play happens and its called a pass interference bc the ball was in the air… How can a sport as big as this be left with so many unfair outcomes based off of the guys who make the least and have the least to lose.. It’s so obvious this sport could be perfected by all plays reviewed but somebody wants to decide the outcome.. It’s lame and very disappointing!

  9. Kansas City vs Bears: Nothing about the non-reversal of the challenge on the obvious two point conversion by the Bears when the ball broke the plane? Mike Pieira (sp) tried to explain it but he made no sense. Basically it seemed that the call was not overturned because there is no camera on the goal line. The NFL has more money than they know what to do with yet can’t put 2 cameras on every goal line, 4 cameras per game? Cell phones have cameras! Cameras are cheaper than dirt! The Bears won anyway, but not reversing that call was garbage. Every announcer and post game analyst could see the ball crossed the plane. If they are going to blame it on camera angles, GET MORE CAMERAS. Put cameras on the players shoelaces. So sick of inconsistent calls. The rules are too complicated for the dopes they hire to adjudicate. Hire some women or younger men to be refs! These geezers they have are awful, just awful, inserting themselves in the outcome. Personally I thought the replacement refs from a few years ago were much better. Now I’ll go wait for next week’s bad calls. Thank you.

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