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GradesOur playoff predictions: Morelli graded high in 2014

Our playoff predictions: Morelli graded high in 2014

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Part of our annual tradition is to predict which referees are assigned to the postseason and the Pro Bowl. Unfortunately, there are several outside obligations that have prevented us from doing a full rundown. So, without further elaboration, here are our selections:

Ben Austro Mark Schultz
Super Bowl  Pete Morelli  Pete Morelli
Conference Championship  Carl Cheffers  Clete Blakeman
 Bill Vinovich  Tony Corrente
Divisional Playoffs  Tony Corrente  Walt Anderson
 Bill Leavy  Ed Hochuli
 Pete Morelli    Pete Morelli
 John Parry (1)  Gene Steratore
Wild Card Playoffs  Walt Anderson  Jerome Boger
 Clete Blakeman  Bill Leavy
 Jerome Boger  Terry McAulay
 Ed Hochuli  John Parry (1)
Pro Bowl  Gene Steratore  Carl Cheffers
 27 27


We will score the predictions as follows: 5 points for a correctly slotted referee, 3 points for selections off by a round, 2 for two rounds, 1 for three rounds, and 1 point each for a Pro Bowl guess who works the playoffs and a playoff guess who works the Pro Bowl. (Ties broken by the number of correctly slotted referees, then by scores in each round in descending order.)

12 thoughts on “Our playoff predictions: Morelli graded high in 2014

  1. I won’t say which games but I’m sure these guys will work the playoffs – most if the usual suspects. Hochuli, Corrente, Anderson, Vinovich, Boger and Parry…

  2. I predicted Pete Morelli for the Super Bowl. I predicted Vinovich for Conference Title game. Surprised that Ben doesnot have Terry McAuley working a post-season game.

  3. McAulay definitely deserves to be in there, no less than a divisional. But I’m predicting here, and I have a feeling he might be shut out, totally undeservedly

  4. You both have Leavy graded highly. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he had another crack at a Super Bowl involving Seattle. Hawks fans weren’t happy with him in February of 06. Especially since the SB officials are probably picked before the teams make it.

  5. My predictions:

    Divisional Round:
    Tony Corrente
    Brad Allen
    Gene Steratore
    Bill Vinovich

    Conference Championships:
    Carl Cheffers
    John Parry

    Super Bowl XLIX:
    Bill Vinovich

    Pro Bowl:
    Walt Anderson

  6. Cheffers is working a wildcard game and I believe new refs can’t do the postseason their rookie year….

  7. I keep going back to that roughing the passer call in Seattle that the league had to apologize for. In a league where the officiating is so top-notch, that call, which I believe is a ding against Hoculi, could easily be the difference between WC weekend and Div weekend and ultimately SB Weekend.

  8. for me the Referee who had the best season was actually a rookie Brad Allen he has been great this season I really hope he gets a playoff! I mean after all he was the only official in NFL History to go from College football to referee in the NFL in one season! Maybe NFL make an exception!

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