Vinovich appears to be a lock for Super Bowl nod

Football Zebras analysis As reported earlier, each of the Super Bowl officials works a Divisional Playoff game to break up the month-long gap from the end of the regular season. Football Zebras has analyzed the assignments from the divisional round, and has determined the officials that have the best chance at

Our playoff predictions: Morelli graded high in 2014

View image | Football Zebras commentary Part of our annual tradition is to predict which referees are assigned to the postseason and the Pro Bowl. Unfortunately, there are several outside obligations that have prevented us from doing a full rundown. So, without further elaboration, here are our selections: Ben Austro Mark Schultz Super Bowl  Pete

NFL and the referees’ union want grades confidential…until they don’t

Commentary by Mark Schultz The NFL season has gotten off to a contentious start between the front office and the NFL Referees Association, the union representing the on-field and replay officials.  The NFLRA has accused the league of throwing the game officials under the bus publicly while supporting their calls privately. 

Our playoff predictions: Morelli, McAulay consensus in top slots

Football Zebras commentary Week 17 is upon us, meaning that the final evaluations for officials vying for playoff positions are being determined. Officials will not be informed of the Wild Card Playoff assignments until the middle of the upcoming week. The later playoff rounds will then be rolled out in the

Pereira: No recourse if helmet speaker fails

  Fox Sports rules analyst on what went right, wrong in Week 1 Fox Sports made an inspired move when they hired former NFL vice president for officiating Mike Pereira.  For four years, Pereira has explained difficult rulings and calls to the media.  Pereira was full of knowledge and expertise this past

1st use of new rule might not be right use

Week 1: Texans at Chargers (video) Post updated: The league has stated the rule was incorrectly applied (see below). The Competition Committee looked at a specific instance of dangerous play at the request of players: the vulnerability of the center when he is performing a long snap for a field goal kick.

1 blown call does not ruin playoff chances

When discussing football officiating, it is easy to say, "Forget so-and-so for the playoff this year after that blown call."  While fans might wish a playoff blackball for an official who makes an error, the NFL simply does not operate that way. The NFL officiating office lead by Carl Johnson uses