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Tony Corrente resigns as Pac-12 officiating coordinator

NFL referee Tony Corrente has resigned from his position as the coordinator of football officiating for the Pacific 12 Conference on Thursday. Conference commissioner Larry Scott named Jim Blackwood as the interim coordinator. Blackwood was the supervisor of replay.

A statement from the Pac-12 indicated the resignation was due to “personal and professional reasons.” Weekday afternoon host Dave “Softy” Mahler of Sportsradio 950/Seattle is reporting that there were “severe disagreements … over multiple issues” between Corrente and the conference. Mahler quotes one anonymous source that Corrente “was fed up with the conference blaming the officials for Oregon, UCLA, and Stanford losses.”

In a statement, Scott praised Corrente, saying, “under Tony’s leadership, our program made great strides in improving the quality, accountability and consistency. While it’s unfortunate that Tony has decided to leave us at this time, I want to express my appreciation for his contribution, and for leaving our officiating program strong and headed in the right direction.”

Corrente retired from teaching in 2011 to take the Pac-12 post. Previously, former NFL vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira held the position on an interim basis and was instrumental in reforming the conference’s football officiating department. Pereira originally hired Corrente to supervise the referee (crew chief) position in the conference.

Corrente continues in his 20th season in the NFL and will officiate Sunday’s Chargers-Raiders game.

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Ben Austro
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4 thoughts on “Tony Corrente resigns as Pac-12 officiating coordinator

  1. I heard rumors that the losses by Oregon, UCLA and Stanford may cost the Pac 12 a change at the final four playoffs. Sounds like they expected the officials to make sure the right teams win. AKA cheating! lol I watched the Oregon loss and they lost not because of the officiating. They lost because they were stupid (take a bow people!).

  2. I’ve never understood how an active NFL official can supervise a college conference? They are traveling and meeting on Saturday when games college supervisors should be observing are being played. Then on Sunday, when all hell is breaking loose over what was/wasn’t called on Saturday, they’re just a bit busy.

  3. The key to sustaining the nepotism that runs amuck in the NFL is to continue the use of NFL officials as D-I supervisors. They have their buddies’ sons, their preferred demographic characteristics, and a VERY limited sense of what D-2 and DIII guys can do. Sad reality is, the Conferences “bosses” hire the NFL guys because they think they will do a great job. it’s all about who you know and do you meet quota criteria, not on-field performance. Scott McElwee in the Big 10 is a case-in-point. He is the son of an NFL alum who was/is friends with Big Ten coordinator Bill Carolla (another Steratore is in that Big 10 pipe line as well). In addition, Bernie Kukor’s kid is in the MAC and…wait for it…Bernie was a long-time NFL crew member of Bill Carolla. maybe Corrente didn’t like hearing the truth about Pac-10 offiicals (with the exception of 33 year old Hochuli who is already in the NFL…coincidence??)

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