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Quick calls: Week 8


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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15 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 8

  1. How did the crew change their mind on a blatant horsecollar at the end of the Eagles/Cards game? No way it wasn’t. Both teams played bad but Walt Anderson’s wasn’t exactly stellar either today…..

  2. Baltimore Ravens game, two late hits out of bounds by Cincinnati not called, ripping off the quarter backs helmet by Cincinnati not called, Player runs out of bounds with three minutes left and the clock is set to keep running, Cincinnati player is offsides but Ravens player called off sides on the opposite side of the field. There are more.

  3. Ben you really should take another look at the play where Steve Smith was flagged it is not at all totally obvious that he pushed off, you need to check the other camera angles, the Bengals player flopped just like Genobl. Still this bad call was the least egregious one in that game.

  4. It is hard to see the defensive back take that kind of risk to allow the opponent a game-winning score on the chance that he can pull off a phantom pass interference call.

  5. NBC even showed the clear angle at the end of the night just a bit ago and suggested the player to the flop. It was his only option then he was beat so try for the dive. Still, again, I can see how the call was made, just at this point in the game with seconds left, 92 times out of 100 that call seems not to be made. Again this is not an egregious bad call it was far from the worst in this game. But This is also not the first, second or third time this sort of thing happened with Blakeman’s crew…

    I just think you need to find the good angle for this play to see that it is not clear cut.

    I think you do really good work here, I really love your site. I want to make that clear, I can disagree with you on this particular call. I really respect your work, especially pointing out the punter Kicker rule last year where they are protected players through out the play.

    Best to you.



  6. I will try and go back and get the times of the other bad calls in this game for you. I’m tied up counting the number of times Collinsworth and Michaels verbally cheered the steelers last year and the number of times they verbally disparaged the Ravens plus the number of times they openly admitted they are friends of the steelers and good buddies with them. They should at least pretend they are neutral and objective national announcers.

  7. Matt Chris Collinsworth has NEVER cheered for the Steelers. Ever. He might begrudgingly admit they are good. But never cheered.

  8. Cudos Matt…and another question I have for Ben,…when the 2nd “interception” occurred by Cinn, why wasn’t pass interference called when Torrey Smith got his bell rung turning into the pattern to get to the ball, not less a personal foul for helmet to helmet?

  9. Can I have clarification on the UNS on Washington for an illegal substitution? Player came in and went back out?

  10. Ravens Bengals game. There was an offensive PI flag picked up vs Torrey Smith b/c be s not the intended receiver. At 9:29 left in the 2nd q, #95 Bengals ripped the helmet off Flacco with both hands by the face mask. Should this have been a penalty?
    I have more through the end of the first half I will post in a little bit, but the crew was doinga pretty good job up to that first picked up flag. I wonder if Blakeman’s crew might be jinxed like some players seem to be.

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