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Quick calls: Week 6


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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16 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 6

  1. Why is it the bills get calls against them on plays like the pick that you see every game and other teams don’t get those penalties?

  2. The officiating has been terrible in this game! look at Revis’s behavior after the 2 pt conversion and no call for unsportsmanlike conduct!

  3. Penalties against the Bills every week are getting completely ridiculous. Pats O-line holds every play every game against Buffalo. Gronk pushes off every play every game against Buffalo…Yet two phantom ofensive PIs against Buffalo on the same series….amazing. Luckily they have enough talent to win some of these biased games now which gives them a chance down the stretch.

  4. Ben, the player you circle in the Bills Patriots game is number 53 Nigel Bradham who wears red gloves. The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called on number 55, Jerry Hughes. The announcers address the fact he was congratulating his own teammate by pounding his helmet, something every single team does. Presumably the referee thought Jerry was hitting the Patriots player who was standing up next to him, a clear mistake. Sorry, but I disagree this would “consistently be called a foul”. Phantom calls such as this one significantly impact the game when the Patriots were prepared to punt the football, instead it’s a free 15 yards and first down deep inside Bill’s territory.

  5. how about you research the non-foul calls in the 4th quarter of the seahawks coboys game??? On a first down run Lynch picked up 4 and after he was down the Dallas D-lineman comes in late, piles on and then Punches Lynch in the head 2 times, no personal foul penalty. Then on the 4th down play late in the game, there is obvious illegal contact and defensive holding on the play… again no call.

    Did Dallas outperform Seattle in that game, yes absolutely, but more than ever this year I have been seeing refs call and non calls determining the outcome of the game. The travisty in Indy in week 3 that allowed the Eagles to stay in the game, was rediculous. The same thing happened to Seattle on Monday night, with the refs trying to keep Washington in the game. Then only calling illegal contact on Seattle in that game when their RE and TEs were grabbed and held all day. It was just obvious and it needs to stop. I find it funny that the teams getting the overwhelming benefits from the refs are all in the NFC East. I think it is the NFL trying to bring relevance back to that division. It really is garbage….

  6. Officiating has been dismal this season. It has been so bad that officials are now deciding the outcome of games. The PI call in the Rams game before halftime was such a costly call and helped 49ers win the game. And the Broncos get flagged by Brad Allen crew for 100 plus yards of penalties and the Jets (one of the most penalized teams) get less than 10 yards in penalties. Broncos are a good team and was able to overcome the penalty calls. But it sure looks like the officials are taking it upon themselves to be the stars and decide games. Tragic!

  7. Bring back the replacements (with more training), and you’ll see what new faces can do! Where was Gruden’s verbal tirade about the terrible call against St. Louis near the end of the first half last night? He said he would be upset, too, but in the first 3 weeks of 2012 he would have EXPLODED on the replacements. Broken record here, but HYPOCRISY rules the media.

  8. lThere were several calls in the bills game that were blatenly biased against buffalo . If the calls were consistant it wouldn’t be a complaint. Patriots te Gronkowski oushes off knocks down defenders on many plays no pi calls. Bills wr woods gets called for pi when there was virtually no contact. Personal call on hughs was rediculous . 5 first downs on penalties for Patriots most on 3rd down stops lead to 3 TDs.. Bad calls changed the game. Its tough enough to beat Tom Brady with a fairly called game
    But nearly impossible with that joke of an officials on this game . Please look at the calls and explain how this can happen time after time.

  9. did anyone else notice that Russel wilson was across line of scrimmage on the fake option turned pass? i think it was 2nd qtr

  10. Was I the only one who noticed that Russell Wilson threw an illegal pass (across the line of scrimmage) with about 5:15 left in 2nd quarter? Camera angel wasn’t the greatest, but it looked like all parts of him were clearly over LOS and it was definitely a forward pass.

  11. I just noticed your post after I put mine up there DJ….I had DVRd the game and looked at it a few times…no yellow flag, no red flag, no announcer stating as much…and no one blogging about it. Didn’t really make a difference in the game, but usually SOMEONE notices that type of thing.

  12. The key is that the entire body of the ball carrier has to cross the line of scrimmage to make the subsequent pass illegal. He did not fully cross, so there was no penalty

  13. I understand the rule Ben, but I think you are incorrect…it sure looked like every part (including shoelaces) were across that line…but that was with a camera angle that was not ideal. Did you look at it again?

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