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Quick calls: Week 5

We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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17 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 5

  1. I saw the letters SS on the back of the NFL Officials Hats for this Season. What does that stand for?

  2. @ Keith Bonde – The SS stands for Sid Semon, former NFL head linesman who passed away this offseason. And can there be an interpretation of the kick catch interference touchdown play in Carolina?

  3. What’s with Craig Wroldstad’s crew in the Lions-Bills game? Dozens of marginal penalties called, obvious calls missed, ridiculously late flags, at least 3 flags picked up, and just a jillion flags all over the place totally disrupting the flow of the game. Overall, a terrible performance.

  4. Totally agree, Lions-Bills crew had a terrible game. How could they possibly pick up the flag on the Watkins (non)interference call? Was surprised the running into the kicker penalty wasn’t a roughing, the guy hit the kicker late up high, isn’t that preventable vs someone accidently running into the kicker? Terrible crew!

  5. Good morning, my friend! :). Hey, can you clear something up for me that was bothering me all night? Jake Locker, Titans QB, was hit by #58 after making a TD. The ref later announced that the Browns’ #93 received the penalty for hitting the QB. I’ve watched the tape 3 times this morning and it was clearly #58!!! Did the official ever correct his error?!?! And was #58 ejected from the game like the broadcasters stated?….because a penalty was also given for unnecessary roughness to Titans’ #72 for sticking up for his QB so the ref stated that the penalties offset each other…??? Here’s the link to the video and story……….–dirty-hit-175524004.html

  6. The scorekeeper recorded 58 as the guilty party. There may have been a corrective announcement that wasn’t broadcast. It does not matter from a game-administration perspective I’d the wrong number is announced; it’s not like basketball where two Ts result in ejection.

    The hit was not recorded as an ejection, and I would have been surprised if it was. While an illegal hit, there is an awfully high bar to clear to eject for actions during the play. Also, ejections stand even if the penalty offsets or is declined.

    After the fight was broken up, another Titans player came in and incited more fighting. Since the continuing action of the play had stopped, this is treated as a between-downs foul, and does not offset with the other two.

  7. Hmm……… Why would you have been surprised if the hit resulted in an ejection? I thought the rules were set up to protect QBs from unnecessary roughness at a higher level than the other players due to the greater risk and/or liability involved (i.e. potentially injuring the most important player of the team)?

  8. Ejections are rare. Something that doesn’t occur in ordinary gameplay. It really has to be way over the top, and the player will stay in the game unless the act really gives the officials no choice but to eject. It’s a “I know it when I see it” standard

  9. Okay, got it. THANKS!! 🙂 I just think that if the QB is hit via unnecessary roughness that the player doing the “dirty hitting” should get a penalty even if another penalty is given to the opposing team…….that’s something where another penalty “offset” should not apply. The message needs to be clear that hitting the QB will NOT be tolerated! But thanks for your explanation! 🙂

  10. Gruden actually made a good point on this last Seattle drive that the officials missed offsetting files. Boy, could you imagine if that were the replacements out there? He would’ve been going crazy and making fun of the officials. However they missed the call that should’ve negated a long catch and run by Seattle and he says are the anything about it. The post replacement hypocrisy continues.

  11. Monday night’s crew was poor and affected outcome. Missed a DPI – cutoff category at end of second period against Redskin’s Garcon. This was classic cutoff – textbook call. Easy call to make. Not called. Huge miss. Redskins drive stalled at end of half. Make the correct call? We have a different game. Before this, they called back a Seahawk’s Harvin TD because he allegedly false started. Oh yea? If it were a false start why the heck didn’t the short wing who called it shut it down immediately? Instead, he allowed Harvin a 20 plus yard TD run, then decides he had a FST – flinch category. Calls it a FST- flinch category; then doesn’t shut it down (air in the whistle, come in strong and own it) This wouldn’t fly in a Pee Wee game, yet these clowns are NFL officials. Another game changing call. Stops the potential Seahawk blowout. You have to be kidding me. Sickening. Oh, the FJ on this crew is a rookie. Wonder how he got in? Oh, daddy was a NFL official. Let the nepotism continue, and the incompetence continue.

  12. What’s up with Bill Vinovich and his crew? They are one of the worst crews currently officiating in the NFL. They are better officials in the high school game than Bill Vinovich. Hopefully, he is not assigned any high profile games from now on.

  13. Too bad the media doesn’t hold themselves to the same criteria as they do players and officials. Where are all the negative comments we heard the first 3 weeks of 2012? They all said replacements could “protect players.” NO ONE CAN!!! Flags are thrown AFTER a foul, therefore an official cannot prevent them. If the officials were to yell every play at a potential blocker or tackler, “don’t him in the head, etc.”, and they did NOT yell it, then blame official. Case in point, look at the Cardinals DT from last week. “Regular officials” didn’t “protect” him. MI’s Peter King, Steve Young (go back and listen to his rant after the Seattle-GB game in 2012), and any others who bad mouth the replacement need to publicly apologize. Where are their slams on Houchuli facing th wrong way, inadvertant whistles, and plain bad calls THIS season? Honestly, I am watching veteran HS officials whose mechanics and “with-it-ness” surpass many of the officials who are in the NFL b/c of their dad (e.g. Walt Anderson’s kid is next) or particular demographics.

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