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Quick calls: Week 2


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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7 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 2

  1. I have an easy one for me at least since I am a Dolphins fan; the Sammy Watkins touchdown where he supposedly hit the pylon. Brent Grimes hit the ball just prior to Watkins reaching the goal line now making the ball out of control. He then hit the pylon without control of the ball but no one noticed it I guess?

  2. In Jets-Packers game the time out was granted after a Jets player (#91) on the sideline stepped behind the line judge and yelled to him indicating that a coach to his left was calling for a time out. (Carefully watch the actions by Mornhingweg first, then #91 and then the line judge) Shouldn’t that ‘veteran’ line judge be able to verify that it wasn’t the head coach asking for a time out? Even if a player calls out to an official from the sideline, aren’t the officials trained to ignore those distractions? Even if the head coach requests a time out, the official doesn’t have to grant it if the circumstances would not or should not allow it. In this case it appears that the line judge reacted too quickly and granted the time out. Another unfortunate action that likely influenced the game’s outcome. Perhaps there needs to be a better system for allowing and/or granting a time out called from the sidelines.

  3. The refs are totally screwing the Bears. They missed an obvious delay of game which resulted in a TD for SF and then overruling the catch on 3rd down. It’s hard to play against 15 players.

  4. Two obvious calls on Monday night: 1. A non-call on holding/pass interference on Eagles Brandon Boykin which enable an interception, clearly the turning point in the game. 2. Horse Collar call on Ron Landry for talking McCoy by the jersey and clearly grabbing the jersey near the top of the numbers, not the jersey collar or the shoulder pads. This should be in the MNF Segment “Come On Man”.

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