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Quick calls: Week 5

You can follow our coverage on Twitter, but we will post some of the more notable calls from the weekend here in our liveblog.

Did you see something in Sunday’s game that you thought was not called correctly? Did you want to give props to an official who made a great call? (I know, this isn’t likely, even though it happens all the time.) Let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.


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7 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 5

  1. An explanation of the enforcement of the illegal formation penalty in the Lions – Packers game. This was on the kickoff following Green Bay’s first field goal. They added 5 yards to the end of the run. Why not a rekick?

  2. Packers vs Lions. Big time Pass interference NOT called when Lion basically wrapped his arm around Jordy Nelson’s head. Also, the reverse TD call on Jones. The tip of his toe was on the ground when he caught it. How could they have enough evidence to overturn it?

  3. For a zebra-based site, it’s weird to see you still fail to grasp that TURNOVERS CANNOT BE CHALLENGED.

  4. I was wondering about the Offensive PI on Golden Tate during the Seahawks colts game. I want to know if this was a bad call or if the rule book says something about what he did to make it illegal.

  5. During the Jags game, the block in the back call that was made against Laroy Reynolds on the Ace Sanders punt return after the Rams first drive, how was the call even justified? After watching the replay, Reynolds made contact in the chest/shoulder area on the front of the player. Looked like it was completely blown, but wanted a second opinion.

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