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Quick calls: Week 2

Did you see a call in Week 2 that doesn’t make sense? Did you see an official make a good call in tough circumstances? Let us know in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter @footballzebras.


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15 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 2

  1. Browns at Ravens 3:34 left in the game, Jason Campbell threw a pass from inside his endzone that was called a tipped ball and challenged by Baltimore. Bill Vinovich reviewed the play and simply stated “the call on the field stands.” Could you please explain this play? The announcing crew was unable to explain it and I’m unclear on what the call was and what Baltimore wanted it to be and what they hoped to gain by challenging the call.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Oh my gosh what has the Giants paid to get the officials to call a penality on every play against the Broncos. Very Very Pitiful

  3. Nice job by the referees and the replay booth on Denver’s interception return for a touchdown. The player appeared to be going to the ground on the catch but gathered himself and ran a couple steps, then fell down going into the endzone and lost control of the ball on his way to the ground. The referees correctly ruled that when he broke the plane it was a touchdown, whether he lost it afterwards or not.

  4. What about the fumble call on Ryan Tannehill during the Dolphins/Colts game? I’ve never seen a fumble called in that situation before where the quarterbacks arm was clearly going forward and the ball also went at least 7 yards forward. Additionally, it seemed like the play was blown dead, so I’m not sure how the play was even reviewable?


  5. In the Titans at Texans game the 4th offensive play for the Titans was a sack by JJ Watt, but JJ Watt was called for illegal use of hands. Does this count as a sack for him even though he got a penalty to get the sack?

  6. It appeared that the refs (Gene Setatore crew) were blatantly trying everything they could to slant the game for the Giants. The ticky tack Pass Interference calls are okay (as long as they are consistent for both teams). Decker and Welker get mugged over and over again and the refs don’t throw the flags. And they throw 8 Pass Interference calls on Broncos? How is that even remotely fair? Any thoughts on those PI calls? How many of them were legitimate? And how about the lack of calls on the Giants?

  7. CIN down by contact possession after whistle ruling reversed… where is the ‘clear recovery’ rule that everyone mentions in the rule book? I’ve looked and can’t find anything that mentions this situation. The rule book is pretty clear that the play is dead on any whistle. Where in the rule book does it say the referee can arbitrarily assign possession like that?

  8. The Broncos player landed on top of the Giants player, then he shoved the Giants player into the turf and mouthed off at him.

  9. In the Packers redskins game, 4th qtr. RG3 to Santana Moss. Ruling on field was out of bounds, but overturned with the challenge. What is the rule for when a player has possession?

  10. @PT

    The rules allow a player to play through the whistle for a loose ball. In case of a reversal, the team who recovers — as long as it happens immediately and is clearly seen on replay review — is granted possession at the spot of recovery.

    Same principle applies if the whistle is late but the call on the field is down by contact. (It’s not when the whistle blows that determines dead-ball spot but a signal that the ball is ruled dead.)

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