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NFL ref experts break down divisional playoffs

Pereira and Daopoulos disagree on the Peyton Manning fumble/tuck rule

As has been the case all season, former NFL vice president for officiating Mike Pereira and former NFL official and officiating supervisor Jim Daopoulos talked about the correct, incorrect, and strange calls in last weekend’s divisional playoffs.

Pereira, who is an officiating expert for FOX Sports, says Walt Coleman’s crew got several critical plays right in the Atlanta Falcons – Seattle Seahawks game.   Pereira says Coleman’s crew had a very quiet first half until right at the end of the second quarter when the crew ruled time had expired before the Seahawks could get off one last play before halftime.   The synched clock and video showed that the officials were right in blowing things dead.   Pereira further adds that the Seahawks were never set and the head linesman was reaching for his flag when the whistle blew.   So, had there actually a few seconds on the clock, the false start would have forced a 10-second runoff and since Seattle was out of time-outs, the half would have been over anyway.   Clock issues such as this one are not subject to review.   Pereira also adds that the officials did an excellent job in real-time calling the Marshawn Lynch go-ahead touchdown correctly.   Instant replay confirmed the call.

The former officiating boss also defended Bill Vinovich’s crew saying complaints about the calls in the Denver Broncos – Baltimore Ravens game are misguided.   Pereira says  Vinovich was correct in not applying the tuck rule to the Peyton Manning fumble late in the third quarter because Manning had already brought the ball back into his body and had finished “tucking” it.   Pereira also says Vinovich was right in upholding the Anquan Boldin catch in the overtime period.  

Daopoulos discussed two field goal “practice” kicks during his segment on Pro Football Talk on the NBC Sports Network, where Daopoulos is the officiating and rules expert.   Both Daopoulos and Pereira agree that the Ravens Justin Tucker violated the rules when he practiced kicking field goals during a stoppage of play; however there is no penalty for such an action.   The officials should have tried to prevent Tucker’s practice boots, but were not able to get over to the kicker in time.   Daopoulos says it was a different situation in Atlanta where the Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll called a timout at the last second to try an ice Falcons’ kicker Matt Bryant.   The whistle blew an instant before the ball was snapped.   The Falcons snapped the ball anyway and Bryant followed through with the kick to Carroll’s protests.   Daopoulos says that situation is not a violation of the rules and the officials handled it properly.

Daopoulos disagrees with Pereira regarding the Peyton Manning fumble.   He thinks Vinovich should have applied the tuck rule and turned the fumble into an incomplete pass.   The former official and supervisor says that he understands that Vinovich deemed that there was no indisputable evidence to overturn the call.

You can view video of Daopoulos here as he breaks down the calls.

We look forward to hearing from these two experts next week after the conference championships!


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Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz is a high school football official, freelance writer and journalist. He first became interested in officiating when he was six years old, was watching a NFL game with his father and asked the fateful question, "Dad, what are those guys in the striped shirts doing?"

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5 thoughts on “NFL ref experts break down divisional playoffs

  1. Please help me understand why Rule 4 Article 2 does not apply to the kicker being on the field between the 1st and 2nd periods? It says no representative of either team shall enter the field unless he is an incoming substitute, or a team attendant or trainer. Penalty: 15 yards.

  2. Yes tell me why that wasnt a 15 yard penalty. Also please tell me why the no call on the obvious pass interference when the Ravens DB clearly leg whips Thomas? He sticks his foot out farther then Brady did.

  3. Since you are obviously the experts about the refs, I have some serious concerns about how the game was called between the Broncos & Ravens.

    First, I am not one of those guys that blames the refs for everything that goes wrong in a football game so I want to get that out there first. I do not like to blaming refs for a loss but I have watched this game several times and I just cannot get it out of my head that these guys had a different agenda going on here based on how they were making calls.

    Now I do not know Bill Vinovich personally so I do not want this to come off wrong but, I would like to know how in the heck a ref that has been off the field for what 7 years and then comes back for one is even remotely qualified to call a playoff game? It is one thing to make calls when you are watching it on replay but another when it is happening at full speed.

    Are you telling me that a ref with one year under his belt back on the field with the new current rules since he last reffed is the best referee that the league could find to call for an elimination game when there were only 4 games played that weekend. In my opinion there are so many other refs available that would have been much more qualified.

    Second, I have been watching football since the 60’s and this is the first game I have ever watched where I felt like the refs were trying to keep one team from advancing and the other team in the game. Now I am not talking about one mistake on a call that makes a game like the Seattle, GB game where on questionable called gave the game to one while taking it away from another.

    What I am talking about is the blatant one sided calls or non calls mainly in the favor of the Ravens. Now I am not talking the number of calls in the game, but what calls they made and the calls they did not make that had a huge impact on the result of the game.

    I will say there were some really ticky tack calls made on both teams but the calls that went against the Ravens had very little effect on the game. Little 5 yard hands to the face, 5 yard PI when the ball is way on the Broncos side so these calls had very little impact on the game.

    What I am talking about, are the calls like the Holding call on an interior lineman on a dive play where the defensive lineman was trying to shoot through a gap and fell at the feet of our lineman and they call a hold on our lineman. We make the first down but since the holding call was made we had a 2nd or 3rd down and long. The next play Manning is called as having a fumble when he was CLEARLY losing control of the ball in the throwing motion (YOU CAN SEE IT SLIP IN HIS HAND) and yet it is not called an incomplete pass but a fumble even after reviewing the play. It was like they did not want to over turn any call they made on the field. I will give another example of this later.

    This turnover resulted in 7 points for the Ravens.

    Another example is the PI on Champ Bailey late in the game. He made less contact on this play than the DB did on the Decker Pick Six play but they call PI on Bailey and not on the Ravens. The same could be said about the no call on the leg whip by the DB tripping Thomas on the five yard line.

    All of these plays I am mentioning had a direct result in the final score.

    Now lets talk about the 3rd and long by the Ravens in which it was obvious that the receiver did not have control of the ball when he hit the ground as you can see the ball spin in the replay just as he is hitting the ground so the ground helped him gain control of the ball. The refs reviewed the play and decided that the play should stand. Again it was like they did not want to over turn any of their calls on the field.

    Now lets talk about holding calls. They call holding on the Broncos on a dive play (just for the record I cannot think of one game where I have ever seen a holding call made on this type of play). Back to the holding calls, on the 2nd td to Smith, Von Miller was getting mauled and held around the neck basically being tackled by his head and there was no call for holding.

    As a matter of fact there was not one holding call made in 5 periods against the Ravens linemen going up against the best pass rushing duo in the league but yet they called I believe 3 or 4 holding calls on the Broncos linemen. I think this was the first game ALL year in which we did not get at least one holding call against the opposing offense.

    My problem here is not the calls and the no calls. My problem is the lack of consistency in them. If you are not going to call PI on the Leg whip on Thomas, or the Decker Pick Six play (Especially when they should have seen on the Jumbo tron they made a mistake on the no calls that gave the Ravens 7 points and on the Thomas play would have given the Broncos the ball at the 5 yard line) then how can you in good faith call it on Champ at such a critical point in the game on a third and long play which by the way ended in points that tied the game?

    How can you call holding on a dive play and not on a play where the lineman has our player in a choke hold and the result is another 7 points for the Ravens?

    This game was so poorly officiated and based on the types of calls and non calls one has to wonder if there was not a hidden agenda here at work that day. Now I am not saying they did not make mistakes against the Ravens either but what I am saying is that those mistakes did not hand points to the opposing team like candy like the calls or non calls against the Broncos.

    I would like to challenge your team to review the entire game and explain your thoughts as to why this game was called so much in the Ravens favor?

    Thanks for your time.

  4. This must not be a very well visited website considering there are only a few responses to this post. While I am trying to “recover” from the anger I have felt for the past three weeks since that game, and posting again on this is probably not helping, I had to tell you that you are 100% correct in my view. I saw everything you saw and it was horrendous. I even sent a letter to Roger Goodell with all the calls good and bad and how they affected what happened next in the game – much good that will do.

    I don’t know about the people who have this website, but the NFL will never acknowledge that there was an issue. As a matter of fact, Vinovich worked the Super Bowl! An official acknowledgement that the game was so so blatantly skewed towards the Ravens would put that game and the next and the Superbowl in doubt and they can’t have that. They need to at least pretend that the teams decided the outcome and not the officials.

    There was a lot said about the officiating in the Super Bowl as well – almost as if the wish was for the Ravens to win it all from the very start (not that I tend towards conspiracy theories myself).

    Basketball used to be my first love – in high school, college and for about 10 years after I watched any game that was on TV and would go to games by myself because I could get better single seats. Now, I never turn a game on because the officiating is so terrible. I’m afraid the same will happen with the NFL. It is not worth my mental health getting upset at the officials controlling the outcome of a game. The Broncos should have won 42-28 if the calls had been more even. 49-21 if the officials had decided to make all the calls go their way. With all the adversity from the officials – the game still went to double OT. What does that say about the Ravens? And who should have really been in the Super Bowl?

  5. Conner,

    Basketball used to be my number two sport next to football. Until like you said the rules/refs took over the game and absolutely ruined the tempo and the speed of the game. Now I do not even watch any more because I just cannot handle how the game is played now.

    I went to a Nuggets game back when Melow was here (I got free tickets) and I about fell asleep watching the game. Watching the guys jog the court made me mad and penalties ever other trip up the floor. I think we left after the first and on the way out we stopped by the Avs store and bought an Avs jersey. LOL

    I would love to hear if the NFL contacts you. I was also thinking about contacting them but like you thought it would go right in the trash.

    It sure is convient how all the stars aligned for the Ravens in the Post season and seeing Goodell get all huggy on Lewis really makes you want to question the integrity of what transpired in the playoffs and the Superbowl.

    I wasn’t excited about the Superbowl so I didn’t really care about the game, but I didn’t realize that Vinovich reffed in the SB, but I guess it makes sense that the Ravens/NFL had their biggest supporters there at the game. LOL

    I loved that last play, “A GOOD NO CALL” it is either a penalty or it is not. The guy was holding him for 15 yards into the end zone. Sure the reciever pushed off because the guy had him in full grasp. Just one more thing from the Refs to help get the Ravens the bowl win.

    It would be nice to hear from someone about this game.

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