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Week 17 open forum, assignments



Did a referee drop a call like the ball in Times Square? Let us know in the comments. Referee assignments are listed after the jump.

Quick Updates

  • Cowboys at Eagles. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett attempted to challenge the spot of the ball in relation to a first down. Referee Tony Corrente disallowed the challenge. Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira said that was a mistake by Corrente.
  • Rams at Seahawks. The Seahawks got the advantage of a favorable first-down call when referee Jerome Boger signaled the first down before the head linesman placed the ball apparently short of the line to gain (video). It could have been challenged by the Rams, but was not.
  • Bears at Packers. Before this morphs into a what-Mike-Pereira-said post, a holding call that was missed in a Bears’ goal-to-go situation was pointed out by Pereira in his “Online O.T.” segment. Pereira, with more visual gadgets at his disposal, gives an informative overview of crew mechanics for covering receivers on pass plays, and explains that the covering official was likely screened by the the Packers safety (video).



Sunday, Jan. 2

  • Dolphins at Patriots: Terry McAulay
  • Buccaneers at Saints: Gene Steratore
  • Panthers at Falcons: John Parry
  • Cowboys at Eagles: Tony Corrente
  • Raiders at Chiefs: Bill Leavy
  • Titans at Colts: Ed Hochuli
  • Jaguars at Texans: Jeff Triplette
  • Bengals at Ravens: Pete Morelli
  • Bears at Packers: Alberto Riverón
  • Vikings at Lions: Walt Anderson
  • Giants at Redskins: Scott Green
  • Steelers at Browns: Ron Winter
  • Bills at Jets: Carl Cheffers
  • Chargers at Broncos: Walt Coleman
  • Cardinals at 49ers: Mike Carey
  • Rams at Seahawks: Jerome Boger

The regular season ends with the Rams–Seahawks game on Sunday night.