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CallsQuick calls: Week 12

Quick calls: Week 12


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


Ben Austro Ben Austro November 23, 201411:35 pm

Cowboys at Giants (video)

Referee Bill Vinovich announced that the crew determined Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. “took a flop” and correctly picked up an unnecessary roughness flag.

Ben Austro Ben Austro November 23, 20148:02 pm

Rams at Chargers (video)

The Broncos were flagged for defensive pass interference in the end zone. If the pass is tipped by either team, any pass interference actions are disregarded after the tip and are not a foul.

While pass interference cannot be reviewed, the rules allow for replay of “plays involving touching, including whether a forward pass has been touched by any player.” Therefore, the flag can then be picked up if a tipped pass is seen.

There was no conclusive evidence that it was tipped, so the call stands.

Conversely, if there is a tipped pass and a pass interference action, the officials must signal a tipped ball and the referee will announce the tipped-pass ruling. Replay can then overturn the “tipped” ruling to “not tipped,” which reverses the flag pickup. In this case, replay cannot make a pass interference call by itself, it can only reverse the referee’s ruling, which as a practical matter puts the flag back on the field.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20147:59 pm

Redskins at 49ers (video)

Referee Walt Anderson reverses a first down spot.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20147:55 pm

Rams at Chargers (video)

A Rams’ touchdown is wiped out by an illegal use of hands to the face foul. The Rams would score a few plays later.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20147:43 pm

Rams at Chargers (video)

Kenny Britt with a great catch. Side judge Laird Hayes with a great call, upheld by Carl Cheffers.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20146:05 pm

Rams at Chargers (video)

The Chargers block a Rams field goal. Before the blocked field goal, the Rams were offside. After the Chargers recovered the blocked field goal, they were flagged for an illegal block. In order for the Chargers to keep the ball, they had to decline the foul (if accepted, the penalties would have offset and a replay of the down). The foul for illegal block was accepted and the Chargers kept the ball after the 10-yard penalty. Since the Chargers got the ball with “clean hands” and fouled after recovering the block, they were able to keep the ball.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20145:37 pm

Dolphins at Broncos (video)

Triplette’s crew whistles a Dolphins’ pass incomplete, and the referee confirms the call after a replay challenge.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20145:31 pm

Dolphins at Broncos (video)

Back judge Steve Freeman flags the Dolphins Jimmy Wilson for a head butt on a Broncos opponent.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20145:25 pm

Rams at Chargers (video)

The play clocks malfunction in San Diego. Referee Carl Cheffers orders the play clocks shut down and back judge Todd Prukop keep the 40- and 25-second play clocks on his stopwatch. He will signal when 10 seconds remain, and then count down from 5.

This is the second time this season this has happened in San Diego.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20145:20 pm

Titans at Eagles (video)

Referee Jerome Boger rules a Titans runner short of the first down.

Ben Austro Ben Austro November 23, 20144:15 pm

Jaguars at Colts (video)

Colts running back Daniel Herron was stopped at the line of scrimmage. He was ruled down by contact prior to losing control of the football.

On review, it was determined that Herron was not down by contact. The second crucial element is to see a clear and immediate recovery by the Jaguars, which was conclusively seen on the video.

Incidentally, if the call was that Herron’s forward progress was stopped, there is no challenge allowed.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20144:05 pm

Lions at Patriots (video)

Quarterback Matthew Stafford scrambles on a fourth and 10. As he nears the line to gain, he slides feet first. Once the quarterback slides feet first, the down is over when any part of his body touches the ground and he is given forward progress to that point. Line judge Mark Steinkirchner accurately ruled the Lions’ quarterback a half yard short.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20143:58 pm

Buccaneers at Bears (video)

Nice mechanics by Coleman’s crew on this McCown fumble. Coleman has to chase the play, umpire Bill Schuster watches for illegal blocks, and line judge Mike Spanier makes sure the Bears stay in-bounds for the recovery. Had a Bears player been touching out of bounds while touching the ball, the ball would have been ruled out of bounds and stayed with the Buccaneers.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz November 23, 20143:52 pm

Buccaneers at Bears (video)

Referee Walt Coleman has to make a pass/fumble call in real time on Jay Cutler.

Ben Austro Ben Austro November 23, 20142:05 pm

Bengals at Texans (video)

Bengals receiver Jermaine Gresham was ruled short of the first down. The Bengals challenged, and it was reversed to a first down.

Ben Austro Ben Austro November 23, 20141:44 pm

Buccaneers at Bears (video)

After Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans scores a touchdown, he had words for Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller drawing a certain taunting flag from field judge Greg Gautreaux.

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  1. On the Bengals / Texans 1st down, without a camera angle along the line how did they determine that his reached out far enough before stepping out of bounds?

    Is there enough there to be indisputable?

  2. Ravens at saints 5:42 left in 2nd, Brees passes deep to Stills along the sideline. It appears stills bobbles the bar as he is going to the ground and doesn’t secure the ball until after he lands out of bounds. Baltimore challenges and call stands. Every replay I saw, he appeared not to have complete control until after touching out of bounds. Please explain this call?

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