USFL Week 6 officiating assignments The second half USFL season begins with the Week 6 matchups this weekend. In recent weeks, there were some preplanned shuffles at the referee position for reasons undisclosed. Now, there are no substitutions this week, and everyone is working with their usual crew. Referee James Carter is working four games in

USFL Week 5 officiating assignments

Week 5 of the USFL season once again has two crews working the four games over the weekend with referees working with different crews than usual. As part of the Week 4 swap, James Carter and Alex Moore are working this weekend, while their crews were assigned last week. All of

USFL Week 4 officiating assignments

Week 4 of the USFL season once again has two crews working the four games over the weekend. Bryan Banks (pictured above) will head the crew that is ordinarily helmed by Larry Smith, who worked with Banks' crew last week. Duane Heydt heads the other crew this weekend, but he is

USFL Rules School: What rules differ from the NFL?

Here are a list of the rules the USFL is employing that are different than the NFL rules set. Game timing Halftime is 10 minutes in lengthPlay clock will use 35 seconds, 25 seconds after a stoppageTiming rules for a runner out of bounds apply after the 2-minute warningThe clock stops on

USFL opens up offensive options with the double pass rule

One of the rather unusual rule changes adopted in the 2020 XFL season was picked up by the 2022 USFL: the double forward pass. In the NFL and all other levels of football, a double pass may only be executed if one of the passes (usually the first one) is thrown