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2023 USFL season

USFL Week 10 officiating assignments

The final week of the USFL season has the entire North Division on a win-and-in basis.



The USFL concludes its regular season with two games in Memphis, one game in Canton, and one game in Detroit.

Teams in the North Division — the Maulers, Generals, Stars, and Panthers — are essentially in play-in games: the winner will make the playoffs and the loser will be eliminated. In case of a tie in the standings, the tiebreakers are (1) head-to-head record, (2) division record, (3) strength of victory, (4) net points in all games, and (5) net touchdowns in all games.

The playoffs will be held next weekend in Canton and Birmingham.

All times are Eastern.

Game assignments

Saturday, June 17

  • Pittsburgh Maulers vs. New Jersey Generals (at Canton), 1 p.m. USA Peacock — Stuart Mullins
    • Winner clinches a playoff berth, loser is eliminated
  • Birmingham Stallions at Memphis Showboats, 4 p.m. Fox — James Carter
    • BIR clinches #1 seed with win

Sunday, June 18

  • New Orleans Breakers vs. Houston Gamblers (at Memphis), 4 p.m. Fox — Larry Smith
    • NO clinches playoff berth with win
  • Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers, 7 p.m. Fox — Adam Savoie
    • Winner clinches a playoff berth, loser is eliminated
    • PHI clinches #1 seed with win


All replays are handled by Mike Pereira in Los Angeles.

Officials hired by the NFL are marked with a and their pro experience is increased by 1.

      Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R 39 Stewart Mullins 1 ACC  
U 51 Ron Turner 3 SEC  
DJ 54 Chad Green 1 SEC  
LJ 49 Kristopher Loving 1 Big Ten  
FJ 75 Josh Aragon 1 WAC [moved from SJ]
SJ 31 Karina Tovar 2 Pac-12  
BJ 81 Jacques Hooper 2 ACC  

      Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R 10 James Carter 5 ★ SEC  
U 28 Robert Richeson 1 Big 12 Anderson
DJ 61 Jeremiah Harris 1 Conference USA  
LJ 71 Brian Perry 1 ACC Banks
FJ 29 Jimmy DeBell 11    
SJ 7 Phillip Hicks 1 Big Ten  
BJ 11 Tyree Walton 5 ★ Big 12 [also working NO-HOU]

      Pro League Yrs Conference Crew
R 19 Larry Smith 4 Big Ten  
U 42 Scott Campbell 4 ★ Big 12 Banks
DJ 22 Josiah Ford 1 ACC Anderson
LJ 21 Monique Washington 2 MAC Carter
FJ 24 John Morton 1 Pac-12 [moved from SJ]
SJ 48 Michael Kennedy 1 American Athletic  
BJ 11 Tyree Walton 5 ★ Big 12 Carter

      Pro League Yrs Conference  
R 27 Adam Savoie 4 ACC           
U 12 Krystle Apellaniz 2 Mountain West  
DJ 34 Sergio DeHoyos 1 Big Ten  
LJ 58 Walter Flowers 3 ★ SEC  
FJ 80 Daniel Gautreaux 4 SEC  
SJ 88 Raymond Daniel 2 Big Ten  
BJ 23 Donnie Aultman 1 Big 12  

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