Former NFL supervisor: ‘I didn’t think it was an illegal hit’ on Flacco

Former NFL official and officiating supervisor Jim Daopoulos weighed in with his first impression of Kiko Alonso's hit on the Ravens' Joe Flacco, and it could be viewed as a surprise to many fans. Speaking on WCSR-AM, The Score, on the Bernstein and Goff show, Daopoulos said, "I didn't think it

Quick calls: Week 8

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Week 8 referee assignments

Referee John Parry will have his crew on Thursday night as the Dolphins face the Ravens. The final morning London game of the season will have Jeff Triplette at the helm. The Cardinals, Packers, Jaguars, Giants, Rams, and Titans have byes this week. The crews headed by Brad Allen, Gene Steratore, Ron