Week 11 ‘Official Review’: Breaking plane can’t be ruled on obscured shots

video Since I was waiting for a second video to be posted (and there was not one), this got lost in the shuffle of the Thanksgiving weekend. Only one call for "Official Review" from Week 11 with vice president of officiating Carl Johnson and director of instant replay Dean Blandino. Buccaneers at

Process of the catch ‘was a judgment call’

Week 11: Chargers at Broncos (video) The process of the catch is not a simple concept for fans in general, but there are two distinct elements once a player has two feet in bounds: If the player is not falling to the ground, he must make a (or have the ability to

Officiating experts break down Week 11 calls

Some assessments differ from the league office Fox Sports NFL officiating analyst Mike Pereira and NBC Sports Network officiating analyst Jim Daopoulos had many different Week 11 calls to break down and all dealt with the referee going under the hood to review a play. Daopoulos, a former officiating supervisor and official

Why did we change the OT rule exactly?

Week 11: Jaguars at Texans Referee Clete Blakeman nearly presided over tie games in back-to-back weeks. The new overtime rule (to reiterate, we hate it) is that if a team scores a field goal on the opening possession of overtime, the opposing team gets an opportunity to possess the ball. If

Quick calls: Week 11

Check this post for a breakdown of calls made by the officiating crews today. Did you see something that is controversial or have a question about a rules interpretation? Respond in the comments section of this post or tweet us @footballzebras. (Officiating assignments) [liveblog]