AFC Championship officiating

Jets at Steelers Ed Hochuli is the referee (full crew) in his sixth conference championship game. Final | Steelers 24-19. Penalties: Jets 6 for 50 yards, Steelers 4 for 25 yards, 1 penalty declined (against the Jets). There were two replay reviews: a coach's challenge (Jets) was reversed, while a booth review

NFC Championship officiating

Packers at Bears Terry McAulay is the referee (full crew) in his fifth conference championship game. Final | Packers 21-14. Penalties: Packers 6 for 40 yards, Bears 9 for 89 yards, none declined or offsetting. Two replay reviews: one coach's challenge (Bears) was reversed and one booth review was upheld. 4th Quarter |

Sunday’s divisional playoff officiating

Jets at Patriots Bill Leavy is the referee (full crew). 2nd Quarter, 5:46 remaining. Patriots coach Bill Belichick challenged a juggled catch by Jets receiver Santonio Holmes. Although it was just a five-yard pass, it made the difference between a first down and a 4th-and-5. Holmes was able to get his hand

Saturday’s divisional playoff officiating

Packers at Falcons John Parry is the referee. 3rd Quarter, 7:41 remaining. Packers coach Mike McCarthy challenged a 23-yard reception by Falcons receiver Michael Jenkins. When Jenkins gets both feet down following a catch, there must be a recognizable amount of time that he holds possession of the ball. In this case,

Sunday’s Wild Card officiating

Ravens at Chiefs Mike Carey is the referee. 1st Quarter, 6:26 remaining. The Chiefs challenged the spot of the ball in relation to the first-down marker. Since Ravens running back Ray Rice landed with his hand first, he was not considered down until another part of his body contacted the ground. Ravens

Saturday’s Wild Card officiating

Saints at Seahawks Walt Coleman is the referee, heading up Terry McAulay's crew. First half. No replay reviews. Saints have 4 penalties for 18 yards, Seahawks 3/14, no penalties declined. 4th Quarter, 3:38 remaining. On the amazing touchdown run by Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, did quarterback Matt Hasselbeck throw an illegal block