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2019 NFC Wild Card liveblog: Vikings at Saints

We are covering the NFC Wild Card Playoff from the Superdome in New Orleans between the Vikings and Saints.

Live updates loading …

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9 thoughts on “2019 NFC Wild Card liveblog: Vikings at Saints

  1. Byron Boston. What the heck was that flag for?

    Good grief.

    I think these guys are calling personal fouls based upon noise. League needs to reevaluate the enforcement. Even good officials like Boston are under huge pressure on these bang bang plays.

    Luckily – the crew got together and fixed the call.

  2. In real time, I probably wouldn’t call OPI on the final play. Slow mo distorts our reality, so it looks worse on playback than it actually was.
    In review, there is not enough to overturn the call either way. This is why it’s key for officials to get the call right on the field and not expect Replay to bail them out.

  3. I have a major problem with the fumble in the 4th quarter. The refs are too deferential to replay. Rhey need to make the call they believe is right on the field. The side judge certainly ruled him down but he whimpered and didn’t tell the ref. What should happen on this play if they are uncertain is that as soon as the defense runs the ball in the end zone the ref should rule down by contact id they believe it is the right call. They should not always allow plays to run out like this and let replay handle it. It all comes down to the standard of review indisputable visual evidence standard. The way you and Mikey p are advocating this be handled leads to a preference for fumbles. The replay system requires officials to try their best to get the call right on the field so that their call is given proper deference.

  4. Boston a good official? Ha. He is the one the missed the Saints defender clearly step OOB by about 6 inches, right in his view, and he failed to kill the play. Replay fixed it. Was he the same short wing who missed the crystal clear textbook OPI at the end of the game, or was he on the other side of the field? Saints get screwed yet again, and there was an avenue to correct this and the league passed on it. Riveron needs to go. Not only are more than half the officials inept, the front office is corrupt in its hiring process. SKIN OR KIN DOES NOT WORK! HIRE THE BEST.

  5. If NFL officials are unwilling to actually follow the rule on review of possible pass interference plays, then the league should either change the rule back or move out those officials who are clearly acting in open defiance of the league’s rules. Any other response is continuing a situation that is dishonest to players and coaches, and most especially dishonest to the fans, whose pressure for more correctly officiated games (instead of protecting ref’s egos) brought about the PI review rule in the first place. But in doing so the NFL should keep in mind who its end customers actually are.

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