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2019 AFC Wild Card liveblog: Bills at Texans

We are covering the AFC Wild Card Playoff from NRG Stadium in Houston between the Bills and Texans.

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14 thoughts on “2019 AFC Wild Card liveblog: Bills at Texans

  1. Why was Josh Allen down by contact as he did not slide? He fell. The Texans player never touched the QB but hit the ball out. How can review referee determine “falling to the ground, or kneeling, AND CLEARLY MAKING NO IMMEDIATE EFFORT TO ADVANCE.” Whether the QB mage any effort to advance is a subjective opinion so how can it be conclusive!

  2. So in real time the ref said he was not down by contact so wouldn’t the replay ref be required to see contact to the QB by the Texans to overrule the ruling of fumble.

  3. Nothing about the “common sense” call regarding the non-touchdown? Surely that is the biggest play of the game so far?

  4. Big shout out to Mark Steinkerchner for injecting common sense into a silly call by tony corrente.

    Mark is a true pro who kept the game from being marred by a farcical call.

  5. Tony Corrente – you should be embarrassed.

    Walk in the tunnel and ask a competent official to finish the game for you.

    And – D O – you really can’t tell that 17 gave himself up on that reversed fumble cal?

  6. Tony Corrente – old man, the game has passed you by. How do you flag an O-lineman for coming back to protect his QB!?!? Cody Ford, you were penalized for making a good block.

    That’s disgusting. You’re awful.

    This is tackle football. Either make it flag football or let them play.

    Tony – you’re awful. Quit!

  7. Knowledgeable- do you know the rules? Thats a blind side block. Textbook. Tony doesn’t make the rules,, just enforces them. Sorry your team lost.

  8. Let me help the person who disagrees with me. As to the pathetic call on Cody Ford by old man Corrente:

    Blindsides – It’s a stupid rule change – not Tony’s fault.

    But … Cody ford hit the Texans player chest to chest. Perfectly legal and highly encouraged block. Terrible call. Perhaps, you never played football and do not understand.

    All it did was affect the outcome of the game. So, no big deal … right?

    Total joke. And perhaps, age 68 is far too old for the field. But Tony had an awful night.

  9. Let me help the person that disagrees with disagreeing with me. I’m pretty sure I’ve played and officiated more football than you could ever dream of. I will agree that there were some issues and if you want to think he might have had a bad night, go ahead. I bet he wants some of those back. But of all the things to critique, and there are plenty, that block is not one of them. That is THE textbook blindside block that they want called . Rough time in the game but O lineman has to be smart enough to know and especially in this case, play was well outin fron . Block not even needed. Legal or otherwise.

  10. I am sure you may have officiated more than me. I only played, never officiated.

    But if you think that is a blindside – a chest to chest block – you have a lot to learn about football.

  11. “The officials got together and correctly ruled that the runner had given himself up prior to tossing the ball to the referee”

    The rulebook says the ball is dead:

    (d) when a runner declares himself down by:
    (1) falling to the ground, or kneeling, and clearly making no immediate effort to advance.
    (2) sliding.

    the Houston player did not fall to the ground, kneel, or slide. As the rules are written, that makes it impossible for him to have “declared himself down”

  12. Listen to this video, the extra official really wanted it called an illegal forward pass from the endzone, safety, 2 points Buffalo! The Bills got hosed in OT between the terrible ball marking (at least a yard off) on the first first down (which wasn’t reviewed), the delay of game on the 3rd and 18 and the “blind” hit where the d player had his arms up to fend off the block… allin OT!

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