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Week 11 officiating liveblog

Football Zebras is covering the officials and rules interpretations for Week 11 in the NFL with live updates below on Sunday.

If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

Live updates loading …

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3 thoughts on “Week 11 officiating liveblog

  1. Curious about the call in the Colts game preventing Quenton Nelson from playing a snap as an ineligible player after reporting as eligible the play before. What’s the story behind the rule?

  2. Any chance to get an opinion on the personal foul called in the last drive of the Pats Eagles game? Romo called it a 100% sure call as you are not allowed to hit above the neck nor lead with the helmet. But I didn’t see either of those two things happen.

  3. Ben, the weekly “tape” came out sometime last weekend (before the games). I look forward to your write-up.

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