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2018 National Championship liveblog: Alabama vs. Georgia

We are covering the 2017-18 National College Football Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta between Alabama and Georgia. Today’s officiating crew is from the Big Ten.



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8 thoughts on “2018 National Championship liveblog: Alabama vs. Georgia

  1. On the ALA touchdown with 3:49 left in the 4th (which was on 4th down) the receiver to the extreme left of the formation from the perspective of the offense (at the bottom of the screen) got out of his set early and was moving toward the line of scrimmage just before the ball was snapped.

  2. The crew erred big time by not ejecting Alabama #48 for slapping a Georgia player with an open hand on a third quarter kickfoff.

  3. If you honestly think that crew did a good job then you are an Alabama fan. Two Faskmask on Bama missed or overlooked, the offsides call on the block punt wrong and changed the games momentum why was flag dropped so late , Saban was allowed to run deep onto the field more than once no side line warnings or flags on Bama ” why”, Bama on the TD to tie game had Wide out moving no call it was 4th down., Brown for Bama uppercut a Georgia player but was not ejected, several holds by Bama OT nearly pulling the shirt off the Georgia player again overlooked or not called. This was a big game that needs unbiased top notch officials. This game did not have that period.

  4. Crew did a good job? Crew should be suspended or fired and never referee another game. They were terrible and for Mark to say they did a good job overlooks many blunders made by this crew which basically handed the game to Alabama, and determining the outcome of the game. Phantom offsides call on blocked punt, face mask penalties not called on Bama, holding not called, offsides not called on Bama on the touchdown on a 4th and 4. Bama player punches UGA player and gets a penalty but not ejected. Ridiculous that you call this good officiating and the Big 10 should be thoroughly embarrassed.

  5. Scott / Greg: Truly sorry for your gambling loss. Greg might want to insert a period (.) into some of his constant barrage of misinformation. Ya’ll are very confused. Feel for you.

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