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4 thoughts on “2017 Cotton Bowl Classic liveblog

  1. That was the worst officiated game I have ever seen!!! Multiple missed pass intereference no calls, a huge missed holding no call on a OSU touchdown. Allowing the clock to run after a first down late in the game. The SEC can have their officials as far as I am concerned. It is pathetic that the officials would influence the game to such a degree in this game. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously, no one commenting on the No call PI by OSU in the first half. Blatant take the arm away. F could not see aids he is straight lined… the B’s call all the Way! Brutal NC! Changed complexion of game. Worst officiated game seen. L was on the field for all spots and rounding into spots . Can’t believe this was one of best crews from the SEC! Embarrassing!,!!!!

  3. Agree it was horribly officiated. Looked like someone paid off the refs from OSU with all those no calls for PI and holding against them. The F ref was the worst. Didn’t even throw a flag when PI was committed in the end zone right in front of him. The ref further away called it. From the botched coin flip to the end of the game, officials were asleep on the job, especially when it came to the Trojans If I was SC, I’d never agree to go to the mismanaged Cotton Bowl again.

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