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2017 rule changes

Scorecard of the 2017 NFL Spring Meeting

A list of the actions passed by the owners at their 2017 Spring Meeting in Chicago.



Below are the actions passed by the owners at their 2017 Spring Meeting in Chicago. Each item is shown with the team that introduced each (or CC for a Competition Committee proposal) and the disposition of each proposal. 

*Items that were tabled at the Annual Meeting in March are noted with an asterisk.

Playing rules

  1. Regular-season overtime reduced to 10 minutes* (CC) — PASSED
  2. Revise unsportsmanlike conduct to remove group celebrations, use of ball as a prop, and celebrations going to the ground (CC) — PASSED

Bylaws proposals

  1. Eliminate the first roster cut to 75 active players* (WAS) — PASSED
  2. Concussion Exempt designation with practice squad call-up* (WAS) — NOT CONSIDERED
  3. Increase number of players team can return from Injured Reserve from 1 to 2 — PASSED

Policy proposals

  1. Head coach candidates can negotiate contracts in principle while active in postseason* (CC) – TABLED again for additional discussion


  1. Relocation of Super Bowl LV (2021) from Los Angeles to Tampa and award LVI to Los Angeles — PASSED, unanimously with certain conditions required to be met by Aug. 25
  2. Approve Raiders’ 30-year lease (with options) for Las Vegas stadium (OAK) — PASSED (site pictured above)


Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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